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  1. Quarrying

    I'm a bit late to this thread, I know, but personally, I end up doing a combination of everything to advance in Nova Aetas. I do tournaments to build up a small renting empire, buy pickaxes and such to go mining, bring that stuff back to town to craft, work as an apprentice, etc etc. It's fun to get a bunch of funds and materials together through myriad means to get a colony going in the New world. Choice is good. Freedom to play the game your way is preferable to the suggestions I've seen to make tournaments locked. Each new playthrough can tell a far different story. One time, I patiently woked my way up the ranks. Another time, I was a roaming tournament champion. Another time, I was essentially a manhunter, roaming the wastes around Rivacheg with a maul to hunt down taiga bandits and sea raiders for money and prestige.  Yet another game, I was a religious zealot, ambushing Sarranid lords, caravans and villagers and using the funds to buy houses in Christian lands. I've been a viking, a Crusader, a bandit, a champion, an explorer, a craftsman, and an emperor and I've loved each story as much as the last.
  2. Favorite Faction? Least Favorite?

    I was just curious if anyone had any preferences on the factions.Which is your favorite? Who do you think is strongest? Weakest? Most noob-friendly? My personal favorite are the Nords(both factions) although the Agonic Order is very cool. Overrall though, I think the Rhodoks are the strongest...
  3. Any hope for a Bannerlord continuation?

    Ah, neat. Glad to hear it
  4. List of Cities with Unique Units

    That's too bad. I suppose I can do the Ellis claimant and recruit lots and lots of White Wolves instead!
  5. List of Cities with Unique Units

    I notice there's nothing nordic in there. Is it possible to bring back the kingdom of the nords? Is that what happens when you overthrow Haelmar? I think it would be hilarious to see a bunch of angry vikings carving through a pike formation.
  6. Any hope for a Bannerlord continuation?

    Obviously, the stickied threads state that development on this mod has ceased. While I am somewhat disappointed that I only found this mod long after it was active, I understand how much work has to go into making quality things. That being said, I am curious if we might see a chapter four when ...
  7. List of Cities with Unique Units

    Ah, that's neat. Yeah, I have no idea how to use Morgh's.
  8. List of Cities with Unique Units

    The title says it all. I was hoping someone could give a list of which cities give unique units so as to plan my conquests accordingly. The only ones I know so far are: Ulm-Mounted Gunners Zollern-Greatarmors I suspect not too many people look at this board anymore, but a guy can dream.
  9. Holy War

  10. Holy War

    Crusading is really fun, but the lower income you get from controlling towns with a different religion makes it way more profitable to fight against your own people.  Maybe there could be a way to increase the benefits of fighting heretics/infidels? Either way, great mod, one of the best on here.
  11. Ideas & Suggestions

    One really good feature that you could add is the option to rebel manually. As it stands, one of my long-running games has been ruined by the fact that I've been trying to bait the king into not giving me a settlement for weeks. I could just leave the faction, but I'd leave behind my many cities and all of their expensive to obtain garrisons(500 troops each) that I spent all this time recruiting.
  12. Guide Pls

    Mod is pretty cool so far, but a few features are a bit escoteric. Since I burned a few villages, I'm apparently more of a bandit now. From what I've gathered, this gives me a bunch of cheap bandit recruits, but I can't get any of the normal troops from villages. This is kind of a bummer, so...
  13. Prison Location in Star Forts

    Where are the prisons located in start forts? I broke into a fort solo to rescue a guy and found the prison guard, who I then beat down with a quarterstaff before taking his stuff and murdering all of the other guards. At no point in this rampage did I actually find a door to the prison. I even...
  14. Suggestion Thread. Your ideas here.

    First off, fantastic mod. The uniforms are gorgeous and the mechanics are really interesting, making this much more than a simple reskin. My suggestion is to add uniforms from countries not actually featured in the game to the town marketplaces. As it stands, the armorers/tailors in cities don't have much to offer except money, given the fact that all of the civilian gear is pretty crappy stat-wise compared to the uniforms from depots. Adding some "exotic" uniforms from places that are beyond the scope of the mod would make visits to the market more fun. Since these would be completely optional items not featured on any units, players could enjoy foreign items if they so chose without screwing with the historicity of the setting. For instance, it would make no sense to see American troops fighting in the Napoleonic wars in Europe, but what if you wanted to role play an American mercenary? With this gear system you could! Of course, I do understand that this idea would take valuable time away from modeling actual units and settlements, so I understand completely if it is rejected, but hey, could be fun.

    As a side note, I would kill for an American Civil War mod using this mod's systems.
  15. How to dig?

    Loving the new build of Nova Aetas so far, but I'm a little confused as to just how you get the goodies hidden in Uxhal. I found all these white mounds, but I can't interact with them. I seem to remember way on back in like 2.0 you would just walk up to them and hit F. I left and came back with...
  16. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Well, I eventually just baited the king into not giving me some land. It took a while, but if you take a place, ask for it, then refuse to take it enough times, he'll eventually try to give it someone else.

    "How dare you not reward my efforts?"

    "I thought you said you didn't want that place.."

    "I have been wronged! I renounce my oath, you tyrant!"

    Lol viva la revolution
  17. Rebelling from a King

    I only had that option if the king failed to give me a piece of land I took, an event which did not occur for a long time. He was just being too nice to me! I eventually baited him into doing that last night. I kept rejecting my rewards and the option finally came up. So yeah, manual rebellion definitely goes high on my wish last for future updates.

    As annoying as this one problem was, I don't want to sound too whiney. Over all, this mod is fantastic. 9.5/10, just needs some more work on this little thing and some bugs. Keep up the great work! This may be my top Warband mod. It's up there, close with Sword of Damocles and Floris. I look forward to seeing this thing keep going!
  18. Rebelling from a King

    Yeah. It's sort of lame losing all my land and starting over. I spent a lot of time on those garrisons. Oh well. I'll just do things the hard way.
  19. Rebelling from a King

    Poor me, being given all this land. Seriously, I'm going to feel kind of bad for leaving the Order. Grandmaster Adinicus has been pretty nice to me. I don't have a loyalty trait, though. I guess I'll just keep trying!
  20. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    IS there any way to do that manually instead? He keeps giving me every town I capture!
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