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  1. KithKanan

    Why AI Prince (Sturgia) won't finish an opponent?

    As others point out it may be that its "defense" for some reason that he's set up.

    You can do a few things to speed up the destruction of the NE.

    The city you refer to have if I recall only 2 villages attached to it - raid both of them.
    This will lead to starvation in the city.

    Use your 400 troops to lay siege to the town, typically if they have 1000 troops inside it 400-500 of them will be Milita - read its not that likely they will charge out, and if they do, even with 400 troops its should be doable to deal with if you are smart about the tactics (shieldwall, or square, have archers rain fire from inside the square or behind the shieldwall) (cavalary is dismounted).

    Should they not charge you, be sure to have say food for 20-30 days(just grain if need be), then just siege the city to starvation, and all those defenders in the garrison will perish, leaveing only the miltia, which should be relative easy to take out.

    Typically when you go to siege, and have set things up, boom there you'll see the king come along aswell.(takeing over the siege).

    You can also break up the kings army, you'll use influence to do so, which isnt all that pricey and take hits to your relation with all lords in the army (which if its 2k typically mean alot of them is in the same clan so the relation can actually become hostile(- x(as in negative)

    I dont know if you have your clanmembers be part of your army? because typically if they have some Stewards each would easily have 100-150 troops and you can have 3 clan parties + your own.
    I pretty much followed this to a T before reading your post. I've found raiding the villages (which is what I should have called the two "towns" in my original post) does exactly this with the food (bit of a history buff so this self-lead me down that road). Easily took out the final city myself when they decided to declare on Sturgia themselves. Yes, both my brother and his wife are very capable of seperate parties, each sit about 120-145, coupled with my 190 we did well. Not too much influence for lil extra assist from friendly lords.
    Was pretty funny watching the 20-25 lords with their 20-40 man units just running back and forth village-city-village then back again over and over all fighting for recruits. Some went to other areas but didn't stray too far. Looks like 2-3 families defected to the western empires, and the rest were destroyed after a time. I've since used raids and starvation to great effect on dealing with a much stronger Vlandia, who now pay us. The Southern Empire is the biggest threat militarily in the world so its time to wreak havoc on them next go I have.

    After reading further down and seeing how AI is reacting to making your own kingdoms I'm now really considering taking it down that road as I have 2 cities and 1 castles now, all basically next to each other. Dead center of map. Just sad the two cities are only 2 village each tho.

    Thanks everyone for the great convo's here. :smile:
  2. KithKanan

    Why AI Prince (Sturgia) won't finish an opponent?

    This is what happens when an otherwise great game puts little to no focus into developing campaign mechanics.

    My guess is that the "war strategy" as you can select as kingdom leader is set to defensive. It's useful as a player when you want to keep empires going because you've virtually beaten the game but want to keep factions alive to be able to fight. AI can likely use and set this as well. Just a guess.
    That makes some sense. Just wild to see it blow through its influence when there is only a single war target left/possible. I'm just hoarding influence for the future in an attempt to ensure I'll finish the N.Empire off next time. After forming and eating through (Ragnavand) cohesion 3 times the nobles of Sturgia decided to start another war. Then few days later sued for peace with the N. Empire due to "too many enemies". lul
  3. KithKanan

    Why AI Prince (Sturgia) won't finish an opponent?

    Only war going for the Sturgia is vs Northern Empire. They have one city left (Argonen). The Prince musters a full army with all the influence and then sets about "patrolling" near Balgard. I used my personal command to burn the n.empires two towns and set about stifling their recruiting...
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