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  1. vonbalt

    sell the m&b IP to larian studios armagan

    Are you denying that they didn’t purposely make many of the females unattractive and present the men as generally pathetic? It doesn’t take a deep analysis to see that, and their own blogs admit that’s what they were aiming for. Games and culture goes through cycles, and that is the cycle we’re in.

    Go play an RPG from the mid to late 90s and tell me how many you find where “the church” isn’t an evil conversion entity. It’s more insane that you wouldn’t be able to identify a fad so blatantly obvious.
    da **** are you on dude? take a step back and breath a little, not everything has to partake in crazy cultural wars.

    BG3 is an amazing game through and through if only a bit too much on the horny side but you have the option to disable all that right at game start so its good for everyone, besides that almost everyone on that game is hollywood levels of gorgeous which is silly in its own accord and the forgotten realms is a land full of actual different races instead of just ethnicities so its no surprise they had to cut a bit of screen time for your righteous euro male characters so common in medieval settings to give some representation to other races and those characters alignments.

    And about you last comment there, yeah games take inspiration from the current culture and politics around them whats the deal? thats why most RPGs follow americanized social structures with some generic notion of feudalism thrown on top of it instead of the real deal, the 80-90s were the height of things like the satanic panic and people were feed up of religious zealots annoying them and used the means they had to take a jab at those annoying ****s.
  2. vonbalt

    Development Update #12: Weather System, Formation Targeting and Warehouses

    Credit where it's due, 1.2 is definitely a good step in the right direction, so many improvements to combat alone, hope TW keeps improving the game and we get some love in the diplomatic side of things too.
  3. vonbalt

    Any mods to import/export characters?

    Character manager is pretty easy to use and works for me flawlessly on 1.0.3, you just need to install it, activate in the launcher then open the encyclopedia in-game, export your character then open the txt file and edit to your hearts desire enabling =true the options you want to import later.

    I've been using it for a good while to not have to start again and again and again when messing with different mods and game versions.
  4. vonbalt

    Do you think bannerlord would benefit from a smaller map and less clans?

    what? the map should have more factions instead of less to make politics more interesting in my opinion, the problems with the meat grinder is that battles are meaningless and diplomacy is nonexistent, the game is just a pretty empty shell even compared to vanilla warband.

    All the game has is shinny graphics and arcadey battles that gets boring pretty fast with no solid rpg elements, interesting diplomacy and intrigue mechanics etc, thankfully we have modders that still havent jumped ship like the author of bannerkings to fix that.
  5. vonbalt

    Wow, weapons&shield on first person view is terrible!

    Thankfully we have Nostalgia Camera Tweak that fixes the horrendous FOV of first person.
  6. vonbalt

    Post Launch, which Kinds of Mods Will Be the Most Important to You?

    Have you tested banner kings with 1.8.0? I love that mod too but last time I played it (couple of months ago) the economy was bugged and every town/lord was getting exrremely rich out of control. Made it unplayable after a certain point
    I'm using it with 1.8.0 right now and the economy seems much better and healthier, only has a problem with lack of iron so most towns arent producing high tier weapons and armor but the author is already working on it for the next update, everything else seems to be working great on my end.

    The mod has a lot of incompatibilities since it touches in so many areas but it's more than worth it to tailor your mod list around BK for the amazing features it adds in a single package.

    edit: already fixed in the new Banner Kings version, that dude works fast lol
  7. vonbalt

    Post Launch, which Kinds of Mods Will Be the Most Important to You?

    Bannerkings + diplomacy + RBM is my dream bannerlord, as long as these mods keep working/being updated i'm happy with the game.

    Just a shame we had to relly on mods yet again when TW had everything they needed from the success of classic/warband to implement beloved features and expand upon them.
  8. vonbalt

    There should be so many more banners per unit on the battlefield compared to what can be seen in Gamescom gameplay footages

    I'll be happy if TW adds one bannerbearer for each lord in the battle, even more if he has an specific AI to follow his lord around the battlefield marking his position as was done historically.
  9. vonbalt

    New Large MOD! Main Story/World Map/New Equipment/New Culture/All Troops/Destroy Kingdom...And MORE

    This looks impressive. Seems like there's a lot of 'flavour' like random events and interactions that engage you with the world, the sort of thing that is largely missing from bannerlord.
    Yup, not much fan of fantasy mods but i really liked the flavor added to this, vanilla would surely benefit from some of it.
  10. vonbalt

    Yet another thread about being able to command formation X to charge only to enemy formation Y

    This really should be a basic feature even for the AI and a command option for the player, everyone should priorize fighting in formations against other formations for the overall goal of the battle instead of the moshpit of doom we have now..
  11. vonbalt

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    For those who want to see cutscenes to marriage,birth of a child ect.....
    - Bannerlord - Wedding Ceremony Cinematic is HERE! (1.8.0)

    damn those look great and the child coming of age one is so wholesome :grin:
  12. vonbalt

    Full Release is supposed to have in 4 days according to TW.....

    As AxiosXiphos pointed out, we have always maintained the position that we will fully release the game when we feel that it is ready, and I think we can all agree that it isn't quite there just yet.
    I'm really glad with this anwser, the game still needs work and balancing and i think it's miles better for TW to keep working on it than to rush a full release that will be that in name only.
  13. vonbalt

    Vanilla Armor vs RBM Armor

    a 2.0 model of what we have in Warband would satisfy a broad spectrum of Bannerlord players... that's basically why many of us are pushing for it.
    That's all i wanted from vanilla bannerlord really, it worked great, made sense and most important of all was fun and rewarding, no need to reinvent the wheel.
  14. vonbalt

    Quests are boring

    In this i'll have to disagree, i find the quests great and we already have far more variety than in warband though i would like more mid-late game quests involving nobility, armies, backstabbing plots etc since right now 99,99% of quests lose their appeal after you progress to mid game and then things get completely stale since from mid to late the game is severely lacking in content and becomes just a mindless map painter.

    In short, quests aren't boring, there is just too few of them (even if more than warband) and they are almost all concentrated in the early game which is the only phase that don't seem barebones right now.
  15. vonbalt

    Damage/protection conception: the elephant in the room

    I would also like to be able to cut off a single finger but as @Life_Erikson already said, we need to be realistic. And there is no way that TW will add more hitboxes.
    Exactly, people have been crying for like 2 years now for TW to fix it's damage/armor formulas to at the very least compare to warband, sorry but there is no way in hell that they'll implement more complex and realistic hitboxes and things like that.
  16. vonbalt

    Do you like the giant 1-2k armies? Or the conga line of other armies? I don't but I kill em all anyways!

    I think a system for "manpower" should be added, where eventually after several such defeats the kingdom, be it AI or player-led simply doesn't have any more soldiers to muster to fight.
    There was this now sadly abandoned mod in the early days of Bannerlord that added a manpower system tied to fief population and it..was..glorious... It made battles matter since losing too many men could severely depopulate and decrease the prosperity of entire regions and then it took a while for them to recover and in the meantime you would notice the decreasing number and quality of soldiers being fielded in armies.

    The game would really benefit from a system like this in vanilla if the AI was made to comprehend the implications.
  17. vonbalt

    Bloc is still on fire - Age of Bannerlords

    This reminds me of that old game Rise and Fall Civilizations at War that was like age of empires but you could lead your armies in person switiching to hero camera, such a fun game :grin:
  18. vonbalt

    Is the dynasty mechanic wasted feature and is it also the reason fast paced combat agenda pushed by TW?

    How did you find 21 day years affected balance for NPCs dying off from old age?

    Npcs dying of old age is really negligible to the balance with longer or shorter pacing, the greatest impact comes from death in combat and the shorter yearly cycle of pacemaker mod really improved the population of clans since children grew faster and were married off to make offspring of their own before their clans were severely depopulated from the constant fighting that goes on Calradia.

    In the vanilla 84 days/year you need at the very minimum 1512 days (18 years) from birth till a child becomes adult to marry and produce children of his own, with a 28 days/year you'll only need 504 days (same 18 years) for that with the exactly same amount of battles, sieges and the consequent deaths of nobles going around.
  19. vonbalt

    Is the dynasty mechanic wasted feature and is it also the reason fast paced combat agenda pushed by TW?

    Speeding up passing of time would be disastrous imo.
    Tastes may differ but you can easily test that with the pacemaker mod, for me it did wonders to the pacing of the game and the immersion since i was able to get my children on my party for combat experience and then on their own commanding parties before the sun died of old age lol
  20. vonbalt

    Is the dynasty mechanic wasted feature and is it also the reason fast paced combat agenda pushed by TW?

    It all boils down to the passing of time, Bannerlord passes time too slowly to make the dynastic mechanics meaningful.

    In vanilla it's 21 days seasons, 84 days year while some faction can easily dominate the continent in some 10 years or less with player intervention which places any children you might have as kids when you are already at end-game and bored with nothing left to do.

    Using the pacemaker mod it's default settings brings the passing of time down to 7 days seasons, 28 days year and it's a much much better pacing, it makes me actually use the dynastic mechanics and easily play 3-4 generations in a single playthrough, sadly it hasn't been updated since 1.7.0 :sad:
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