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  1. Roran 13

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    I'm oh so happy when I think the forum's left me. But then it appears in a dark, broody alleyway, ready to infest my soul.
  2. Roran 13

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    Well, it's time to revive this topic with my current set-up:
  3. Roran 13

    Regiment Holleanders nr23 (Clan)

    How active is Deluge atm? I might be interested in joining up if there's still events occuring et cetera.
  4. Roran 13

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    Thanks Rapier! Looking dashing yourself!

    I'm currently missing several big events to my own regret because I have to redo two of my finals, which of course fell right into two of this year's biggest events I would have attended. On the plus-side, I got some new hoses finished and visited a very nice event in Soest, Germany earlier. The Soester Fehde was very nice by its location alone - we were encamped in the ditch (now city park) surrounding the remnants of the medieval city walls. During the actual battle we, mercenaries and troops in service of the Archbishopric of Köln, had to scale these walls with ladders.

    The first day fighting was lacklustre (we did get to see the Czech halberdiers fight eachother, those men are crazy if you are used to safety guidelines common in the BeNeLux, but a spectacle to behold - and accurately-dressed!) although our company was the first to scale the walls. The second day fighting was more enjoyable as we were 'bought' and aided the defenders, fighting out former commander's group whom we know to be able to take a hit. It was a very enjoyable fight given we've had some complaints from other groups that we were a bit too rough or energetic in combat. The guys from Lixa Rebellum were great opponents and I ended up having a nice wrestle with one of their sergeants.

    Especially gorgeous was the cannoneer crew we were stationed behind during the initial stage of the fight. Great living history reenactors with a forged breech-loading cannon with several breeches that were wedged in place, constantly reloaded by camp aides. Strict firing discipline and a very respectable rate of fire made for a great show. Unfortunately pictures of our group were relatively sparse, we were low on numbers and had no one who didn't participate in the fight to take pictures of us.

    Perhaps also interesting to note is that they didn't cut costs on special effects. A battering ram set ablaze, and two large explosions for attempts to blow open sally gates and harm the attackers through traps.


    Good news too, however, I'm finally scrounging together funds for an actual breast'n back to come even close to the mercenary I'm attempting to portray. If all goes well I'll have it by next year.
  5. Roran 13

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    Last weekend's event


    Fun event, although the hot weather kept activity low.
  6. Roran 13

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    Didn't ditch it, my gloves are worn out, and I've been looking for a durable replacement to sow in my gauntlets.
  7. Roran 13

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    First event of the year. My swordplay needs some work, but it's so nice to almost have a full civil and military kit at the start of a year. I'm the sallet-wearing guy.

  8. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Angelsachsen said:

    I didn't know anyone played that :O I stopped looking for people to play this with quite some time ago. Is it still played actively? Maybe I should consider a reinstall.
  9. Roran 13

    World of Warships

    Cyborg Eastern European said:
    Well, it's kinda hard to balance a nation that gets their asses handed by questionably reliable tubs with outdated armour schemes.  :iamamoron:

    On the other hand, it must be kind of hard to balance a nation whose entire WW2 navy consisted of 60 ships in harbour and maybe 8 capital ships, half of which were lend-lease.  :fruity:
  10. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    i cri evertim  :lol:
  11. Roran 13

    World of Warships

    Meanwhile RN is like
  12. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

  13. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Behold my recent building spree.
  14. Roran 13

    For Honor

    Guard breaks are still a bit cheesy, very tiny window to counter and if you do you don't get any advantage. Guard breaks are a risk now though because if you initiate one at the same time your opponent initiates an attack your guard break will fail, even if you were first. Regardless, guard breaks still allow free hits at any other time.
  15. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    If anything I like the executions in this game.

  16. Roran 13

    For Honor

    I like it, surprisingly enough. It's a great game for playing when you get tired of realistic, tough, competitive games. It's like PAYDAY 2's medieval version for M&B, when you just want to mindlessly slaughter things. I like the combat system for an arcade system.
  17. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    To be fair it's essentially a KGV with 15'' instead of 14'', some more armour in general and better underwater protection and reserve buoyancy due to size. It'd still have less tonnage than an Iowa class I think.
  18. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Some more ships.

  19. Roran 13

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Knights and other Mediterranean OPM's are occasionally interesting for either a colonisation campaign, or even more rarely, a reconquest campaign.
  20. Roran 13

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Had a close call taking on the Shogun a little bit too early for comfort. While manpower and stability never really became problems I had massive loans and corruption going in an attempt to win. My stupid alies kept killing themselves too by attacking unimportant but well-defended targets repeatedly. These casualty statistics also do not include the numerous castle garrisons or rebellious peasants killed. That'd add at least 45k to the casualty counter.

    Curiously enough compared to real-life Japan in this period EUIV models armies and populations as too small, so these numbers would be far higher in reality.

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