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    Closed The power of the siege commander was forcibly taken over

    A lot of the times it's players besieging castles, with their clan parties, in an army but they only have 400 soldiers and spend a week building siege equipment, painfully slow because of how little men they have. An 800 army comes along and takes over, you can do the same and take over an ai's siege with a larger army and just build so fast you don't need to knock down the walls sometimes.
    You are right, this is one of those situations.
    But when players become familiar with some game situations and want to use their own rhythm to attack towns, unreasonable situations arise.

    Let me tell you how I suddenly didn’t want to play anymore.

    My family is already at Level 6, and has obviously gone through a lot of wars.
    The people who are playing the game right now are me and some people who have encountered the same problem.
    You know, players at this time really want to try to influence the war situation in various ways. I like this game.

    But when you want to command the attack on the town yourself, your AI buddy comes all the way with its rabble.
    He says, buddy, you can't command because one of your skill points is not enough.

    Then the AI took over the siege. And because I have a lot of troops(my family is level 6, you can naturally imagine how many troops I have).
    After the two armies merged, the tendency became very advantageous.
    The AI will give up building siege equipment .
    like bandits and attack directly, and then it's time to climb the ladder...

    This situation often occurs when players have become proficient in the game and have developed for a period of time, such as a level 5 family.

    So what I think is unreasonable is that if players encounter such problems, they must spend more time on specialized skill training.And these game times don't have much meaning.
    These game times can't create much happiness. They are purely for siege command.This game has been released for a long time, and many players are no longer newbies.
    I believe you are not a newbie either.

    If there is a switch at this time, this problem can be solved, which is whether the player's legion needs the support of friendly forces when attacking the town.
    Sometimes players don't need friendly support at all.
  2. daq

    Closed The power of the siege commander was forcibly taken over

    Been asked before, could have checked and saved yourself wasting time again writing all this out.
    I never said I didn't know it was asked.
    Everything I wrote was to show that this design is very unreasonable, and I also gave the unreasonable reasons.
    But it seems that the designer sticks to his design without giving any reason. Or explanation.

    But you're right about the other half, because the design team couldn't give any reason, so it seemed like my words were a waste of my time.
  3. daq

    Closed The power of the siege commander was forcibly taken over

    So a human player to also need hit the skill score.To obtain a command license.Otherwise will be mentally tortured by the AI.

    And didn’t answer me about the reason for this design.

    I still have the same point as before. The person who proposed this design is an idiot. It insults the player's command ability. Do you want to teach players how to play the game?

    Arrogant, I will never play again.

    Because I spent money to buy this game, when I want to experience spiritual joy, I must need the siege command permission, which is nothing more than increasing the play time to level up.
    The problem is that I don't have time to waste meaningless time.
    This kind of time cannot bring me happiness, which is contrary to the original intention of the game.
  4. daq

    Closed The power of the siege commander was forcibly taken over

    This kind of problem doesn't even need to be described in detail. I wonder why it continues to be ignored. Imagine I'm besieging a city, I build some siege weapons and the siege lasts for many days, I keep building siege weapons to increase my advantage... Then a group of AI lords acted like...
  5. daq

    Resolved Impossibly high influence cost of increasing army cohesion

    I also often encounter this.
    I think it is caused by the number of minions of a certain lord in the legion is lower than the minimum limit.
    If remove it from Legion.And then trying to invite it into the Legion.
    It will prompt you that the number of the other party is too small and cannot join.
  6. daq

    In Progress The lord running in place in front of the village

    ok, already uploaded.
  7. daq

    In Progress The lord running in place in front of the village

    1.2.0b As shown, they stand still in front of the village. Appears to be recruiting soldiers. I've been monitoring game day for a week.
  8. daq

    Resolved Changed workshop production crash. And NPC that should not be recruited.

    v1.2.0b Prerequisites: I use Chinese to express the nouns in the game. I don't know what these nouns are in English. Avoid using translation software to cause errors. ------------------------------ The first one crash. It has been confirmed. Changed workshop production dialogue crash. Its...
  9. daq

    In Progress Unreasonable territorial allocation and countries caught in wheel wars.

    Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Additional documents ...

    it seems this website does not support HTTPS prefix,This is the link I uploaded to a picture bed website.

    You see something like this, it's a screenshot comparing lords who are often assigned territories and lords who never get them.

    You have to know that this error is real, it is not caused by my wrong understanding of the game mechanism or anything else.
    I had two previous archives with a similar situation, they were more severe.
    I started a new save file, as a mercenary (I want to verify if it's because I joined the national war too fast... well, this save is actually pretty fast)
    As you can see, with the increase of the country's territory, there may be wars with two empires at the same time, frequent changes of territories, but no matter which one is attacked, it will be allocated to the lord with more territories (note: this "lord with more territories" is not fixed) "Large Lords" are different for each save but there is always one or two "Lords with Many Lands" that will often be assigned more lands, and then lose it, or rebel, and get new lands Reassign to him,.... and repeat)
  10. daq

    In Progress Unreasonable territorial allocation and countries caught in wheel wars.

    .The player profession is seignior.(not king Avoid information discrepancies caused by translation.) .Mid game, full difficulty, no cheats. 1. Always vote for certain lords in the election when acquiring a new territory (not specific, I don’t know what mechanism), which leads to a very uneven...
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