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  1. Sun Tsu

    Need Help with finding a Husband

    I know this has been asked before, but after investigating a LOT I still don't get it - please help me someone. So here's the situation: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am playing PoP as female...
  2. Sun Tsu

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    I have a problem (maybe):

    I am vassal of D'Shar and in positive relations with all Lords (0 to 10).
    I run around asking the Lords for missions, but 98% of the time they say they don't have anything for me.

    Is that normal ?

    Edit: Never mind - i already have the answer from Discord:

    it IS normal - especially when being a lord (and no mercenary) in times of peace . . .
  3. Sun Tsu

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.8+

    Never mind . . .

    It is caused by 'Cheat engine''s speedhack-feature when set to x10

    I use that to speed up lengthy sieges.
  4. Sun Tsu

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.8+

    Troops attacking without orders - bug or intention ?

    Thank you for caring - here's another one:

    When my troops have the order 'HOLD', 'FOLLOW' or 'STAND GROUND', they do that for some time and then after a while (< 1 minute), some of them start attacking the enemy - indeed they behave like if they had got the 'CHARGE'-order.

    That's VERY annoying, since I always have to re-assign orders. I don't remember such behaviour  from 3.7.
    In sieges they often run up the ladders even before I could get them to fully return in formation from their previous run.

    Damn subordinate bastards !!


    The attacking troops are not whole categories, like 'all Archers' - merely a random mix. Also the official commands as shown in the tactical view don't change, but rather stay at, e.g., 'HOLD'. This affects also allied troops when I have command over all and happens in sieges and open field battles.
  5. Sun Tsu

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.8+

    SpectralKnight said:
    I think he means that his game gets stuck on this screen which is the bug.


    no matter what I click on, nothing at all happens.

    (Thx for the screenshot-thing)
  6. Sun Tsu

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.8+


    My relation with the Knights of the Eventide is -42 and when I captured the town Singal and talked to the Steward, the following happened:

    me: 'Let's go to the war room.'
    him: 'Terrible news, my Lord The Knights of the Eventide Order, appalled at your actions, decided to leave!'

    i have two options here:

        - I never trusted them anyway. Let's proceed with other business.

        - Hmph, attacking their patrols might not have been a good idea. Well, too late now.

    No matter what I choose,I say instead: 'I want to create a Knighthood Order...' but nothing happens/changes - no other dialog-options appear and I am stuck at this screen and have to Alt-F4 to end the game as clicking on the dialog-options does nothing.

    so I can never go to the War Room in this town.

    hope this helps


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