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  1. Error Code after playing fine for months!?!

    If you have a AMD GPU, it's probably the driver - current driver has a bug, roll-back to previous driver.
    Thanks for this. I had the same problem and found this thread - I had an update yesterday 24.1.1 so hopefully this has resolved it.
  2. Resolved "Unable to initialize Steam API" EPIC store. (singleplayer)

    +1 to the issue.
    Whilst the 'workaround' may indeed resolve the issue, I don't feel comfortable with using this unknown file but kudos for your investigative skills. :smile:
    At least the devs should be able to fix this issue quickly if it's only 1 dll
  3. BANNERLORD - How can earn big...very big Money (whitout cheat)????

    Not sure how to make big money, but you can lower the cost of hiring enemy lords by only trying to turn lords you are at war with rather than those who you are at peace with? Having decent rep with those lords helps I'll release family members of the ones I want and imprison / ransom the ones I don't want.
  4. conspiracy mission ruined my game

    Daft question, but can't you just use influence and sue for peace?
  5. Are you executing the Lords?

    Having 'enable death' switched on, then I either ransom or let them go (depending on what race I play, and which race they are for mini role-play value). I find that having this setting enabled keeps things moving in the world and no real requirement to thin the 'Lord Herd'. Of course there are some campaigns (eg. Sturgian or Battanian background) that my barbarian blood-lust may get the better of me and I lop off some imperial bonces.. :rolleyes:
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