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  1. Xaime

    Team Remnant [AU/NZ] - Recruiting

    Is that the same Xaime who also played NW? Used to know him. Really nice guy. All the best to you guys. :smile:
    Hello there :smile:
  2. Xaime

    The Oceanic (OC) Battle Server, a petition from our community.

    Thank you to @Dejan and all at Taleworlds who approved this decision for allowing us to host and provide better quality events by including our community in the private custom server testing. We truly appreciate it and we're already having a blast!
  3. Xaime

    The Oceanic (OC) Battle Server, a petition from our community.

    To the guys up in arms about people seizing power lol .. You can just do your own events it's an open server.
    This; not to mention it's not Taleworld's role to decide who get's control over the community. Anyone can do whatever they want on the public server. We're simply a established player group consisting of multiple clans wishing to better improve and protect the events we're trying to provide for 100+ players.
  4. Xaime

    The Oceanic (OC) Battle Server, a petition from our community.

    Maxed out the Battle server for our event once again and players did have some trouble getting in because of the slot limit. Simply put it's now a problem that we have so many players and clans coming back. So yeah, we would really appreciate some communication from you guys about this and hopefully provide us with a solution so everyone can actually get full opportunity to play.
  5. Xaime

    The Oceanic (OC) Battle Server, a petition from our community.

    Greetings. @Dejan @Callum @MArdA TaleWorlds The last 3 months~ have borne witness to an unpredictable yet entirely welcomed resurgence of our community, we are now maxing out our Battle server every Sunday when all the currently created clans jump on to play in a coordinated fashion. While...
  6. Xaime

    Resolved OC Servers Offline

    I believe it is fixed now.
  7. Xaime

    Resolved OC Servers Offline

    Summary: There is only 1 server up when we should and usually do have 4 servers up all consistently running. How to Reproduce: Look at the server list.
  8. Xaime

    Need More Info Siege crashing causing other servers to not come back online (OC specifically)

    Summary: We had 40+ odd players on Siege last night and it crashed back to back (mid-match) within a span of 20-30 minutes. After this happened, we were reduced back to 2 OC servers being live (from 4) for approximately 2-4 hours before it seemed to have fixed itself. There seems to be an issue...
  9. Xaime

    OC Battle servers rarely up, Siege gone completely, refresh/lobby simulator. Please let us play your game...

    I thought Paradox Interactive games were bad for being lobby simulators in multiplayer but Bannerlord right now is really taking the cake. If you wanna play Battle, you're waiting. If you wanna play Siege? doesn't exist anymore. Team Deathmatch and Duel are the only consistent servers but even then the amount of servers goes down to 1 regularly. Last Sunday when we had our Battle event, we started late due to no server and then ended early due to the server disappearing again - meanwhile there were 4 other servers up: 2 TDM / 2 Duel. Clearly servers come online when there's more people on - that's great I guess but why would it not force a Battle server up when the gamemode is not on any server? same story with Siege.

    We've got plenty of players right now wanting to play, we deserve an update after our patience for 2 years. Let us use your custom servers and partake in your testing, why are we not equal to EU/NA who you have already done this for? We just want to be able to have a 24/7 Battle server, that's literally it, it's not asking for alot.
  10. Xaime

    OC Battle - end game crash - increase wins

    Better yet, you could allow the OCE community to partake in your testing for custom servers which would also allow us to actually host our events properly.
  11. Xaime

    OC Battle - end game crash - increase wins

    For many of us, this is the first time that OCE has ever had any form of large clan play considering we never got matchmaking servers; this gamemode is what we've waited for and even though it's publicly hosted, isn't up consistently, the game itself still plagued with balance issues and combat issues we still sit there to wait and play. I don't know what setup you guys have behind the scenes for the gamemode rotation but I refuse to accept it's not possible to keep one server fixated on one gamemode. I noticed tonight with our public clan event that more servers came up as the servers got more populated, we don't need this. Just set it to a fixed amount and fixed gamemodes, the OCE community is not large enough right now to need scaling servers or rotating gamemodes. We're having a blast just please get some consistency with the servers, we're more than able to wait for custom servers to fix what we dislike about the game provided we can actually play the game, waiting for 20-30 minutes for Battle to return is terrible.
  12. Xaime

    Please fix battle servers for continuous play ASAP

    +1 it's starting to get abit tedious when you wanna sit down for a session with the boys.
  13. Xaime

    Please change an OCE server to battle mode


    Been pretty keen to finally jump into Battle so giving us a new server or changing one of the current ones would be really appreciated. (or release the server files :wink:)
  14. Xaime

    Suggestion: Waiting in camp

    +1 Fantastic suggestion!
  15. Xaime

    OCE Servers all down?

    Can we get an update on this ASAP? I hope it's just technical problems as the full taking down of OCE servers really won't go down well with anyone from the region.
  16. Xaime

    MP Why TW should get Battle servers ASAP (effortpost inbound)

    Not including Battle mode - one of the many mistakes, oversights and outright bad design choices made by Taleworlds. Multiplayer at this point is a complete and utter joke, both the competitive and casual players are getting disinterested. Some communication about their current thoughts on Multiplayer and their plans going forward would be fantastic.

    Great thread @CANTON - Should've included both Skirmish and Battle at release, not replacing the latter. Battle is by far one of the most popular gamemodes from Warband, no-one wanted it gone or replaced. For me and many others, this mode gave us both the casual and competitive fix we would urged for - and nothing better than getting thrown into massive melees. I believe they are working on introducing a Battle like gamemode at some point but that will be many months from now if I had to guess.
  17. Xaime

    MP Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    Cheers for the communication Taleworlds! I love how we're being kept informed regarding everything Multiplayer. This isn't even about just us getting match-making servers anymore, it's almost about the complete and utter lack of communication regarding future Multiplayer changes. Updates have been consistent for Singleplayer with minor network, crash and bug fixes for Multiplayer. We need more servers, game-modes and balancing. We all know it will come eventually but we would certainly appreciate even the slightest communication. What feedback are you considering, what your future goals are, etc. This has truly become such a disappointing release for a game that many have waited 8 years for. How have you guys become so out of touch with your own Multiplayer community?
  18. Xaime

    MP Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    I sure love being left in the dark by Taleworlds! This is where a roadmap would become really handy so we could get a rough timeline of when things will/are expected to happen. Matchmaking servers for all the regions would be a great start - we want to play more than just TDM/Siege which is usually the same map too. It's boring.

    CN/EU/NA all have matchmaking servers and we clearly have the player base for it so I don't understand the refusal to implement them for OCE.
  19. Xaime

    [TKG] The Knights of Glunmar [OCE]

    Placeholder Thread The Knights of Glunmar "To the last man, as for we do not yield." Established since 2017. Leader(s): Garland and Fraser. We are primarily a competitive scriming and groupfight clan and have been since we were established - many of us being veterans of the game. The...
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