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  1. rus_politeh

    EU Native Duel Completed European Duel Tournament Edition VI (WINNER : Maximou)

    Your Nickname : Rus_politeh
    I have read and agree to abide by the tournament rules.
  2. rus_politeh


    Will there ever be an expansion of game modes in native? not only the captain and skirmish mod. Im also interested in whether there will be a 8v8 skirmish?
  3. rus_politeh

    ⚜️ (fermé) Bannerlord Draft Cup Francophone Edition 1 - vainqueur : équipe 2

    Pseudo : Rus_politeh
    Votre classe : Inf
    Lien Profile Steam : Rus_politeh
    Je parle français : Oui
    Je confirme d'avoir lu, validé les règles et que je serai présent le 23.10.2021 à 20.00 CEST
  4. rus_politeh

    Racism and repeated abusive of the kick function

    Did you try to report him in game at all?
    yes, within a month I made about 20 reports, but to no avail
  5. rus_politeh

    Racism and repeated abusive of the kick function

    Yes please use the in game report system if anyone is breaking the rules. And NO, DON'T ignore it, as some suggested above, report him and behavior similar to this every single time!
    can I complain here about a player who is always team hitting me ? Stimul tries to set me up somehow in every game, hit me, trolls in the chat and so on. I want to relax in the game and not make any reports about the players, but this has been going on for a month and I'm tired of it, please take some measures
  6. rus_politeh

    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    The Resolute vs Black Team will be played on sunday at 19 BST
  7. rus_politeh

    EU Other Completed 2v2 Tournament

    Team Name: The Resolute soul
    Roster: Rus_politeh, Soul Play
    Contact: Rus_politeh
  8. rus_politeh

    EU Duel Completed ?ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)?

    <a href=""><img src=""/></a>
    I can't contact this player, due to the fact that he has an overflowing list of friends, how can I contact him or someone else through 3 persons ?
  9. rus_politeh

    EU Duel Completed ?ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)?

    "I have read and agreed the rules."
  10. rus_politeh

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 4 - Sign Ups Open (56/56)

    Name : Rus_Politeh
    Nationality : Russia
    Main Class : infantry
    Steam Link :
    I confirm that I will be there on a draft cup itself (31.07.2021 at 17.00 CEST).
  11. rus_politeh

    Factions for Finals

    Team: The Resolute [Res]
    Definitely not Vlandia
  12. rus_politeh

    EU Siege Completed Siege Event: Men of Siege

    Team Name: The Resolute
    Clan Tag: Res
    Contact 1: ( (tw & Rus_politeh)
    Number of participants: 15

    Have you read and understood the rules: Yes
  13. rus_politeh

    week 4 sign up

    The Resolute snails
    1 set - Khuzait
    2 set - Empire
    3 set - sturgia
    4 set - battania
    5 set - aserai
  14. rus_politeh

    Week 3 sign up

    The Resolute Snails
  15. rus_politeh

    arni autoblock

    my real account is the one I write from... They decided to just set me up in this community, believe me, it doesn't matter who uses cheats, it's all the same for all these useless showdowns, the main thing is not to write in my direction, because I didn't write it...
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