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  1. TheDragonknight

    Warbandman Youtube Channel

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure how many of you know me but I'm basically just your local neighborhood Mt and Blade Youtuber. I had an old thread under Warband for my channel but I was told to take my **** over here. So here we go lets start off show casing Taleworlds incredible "custom" battles...
  2. TheDragonknight

    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    CHECKOUT OUR DISCORD: This mod is inspired by the mod Anno Domini 1257 but will have several important differences: 1. The mod will be more focused on North Western Europe 2. The mod will go into large levels of detail for the settlements (England alone may have...
  3. TheDragonknight

    Feedback and Suggestions Feasts

    I think that we need the feast function in the game as its a very basic feature which is completely absent from the game. It would also be cool to have private tournaments where lords only would fight and to have noble hunts too and maybe other activities during feasts where players could make...
  4. TheDragonknight

    BL Other Changing Terminlogy using Xml files

    Hello everyone, So my question is basically are there any additional steps you need to take in order to integrate changes of the langauge xmls? I was editing the langauge xmls under Modules > Sandbox > Moduledata > Languages and basically changing some of the terms under Taleworlds campaign...
  5. TheDragonknight

    Editing the Langauges xml files under Modules > sandbox > Moduledata

    Hello! I have a question: How do you get the changes you made to xml langauge files to appear in game. I cant figure it out for the life of me. For example I was editing the Taleworlds CampaignSystem to change use of the word Clan to house but when I launch the game these changes do not show...
  6. TheDragonknight

    Realism and Immersion mod

    Features: . Changes female dialogues . makes noblewomen have better faces . makes noblewomen passive . makes vlandian lords more attractive . adds titles . Kill bandits raise relations . Splits each faction into around 6 realms each based in a town . Changed the wars to make it so that there is...
  7. TheDragonknight

    Some Suggestions

    I dont know if this is the right place to put this but I'll post it here anyway. After playing the game for about 10 hours straight yesterday there were a couple of things which really annoyed me: 1. There is no option to turn off female lords and there are many female lords in armor leading...
  8. TheDragonknight

    New Youtube Channel for Warband

    Hello everyone, I am starting a new youtube channel where I will by playing Mount and Blade Warband and other Similar games. If you are interested in watching please check out my channel, I am very excited to be making these videos and I want to share them with as many people who are interested...
  9. TheDragonknight

    Calradia Roleplay 7!

    Crp is back! It is still in development but will be released soonish. We are a hardcore roleplay server dedicated to providing a realistic and enjoyable roleplay experience in a slightly altered world of Calradia. Our server takes place in a Veigir occupied Nordic territory. It is a very...
  10. TheDragonknight

    Gausland Roleplay (PW Server)

    Hello everyone! I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this but I couldn't find any other place. I would like to advertise my server Gausland Roleplay which is a new PW server. It is based on an island (not in calradia) off the mainland of what is based on europe. There will be...
  11. TheDragonknight

    Warband multiplayer Roleplay

    Hello everyone. So basically what this post is about is roleplaying in warband. There is a mod called persistent worlds which is similar to what I am about to describe but it really just doesn't do the job for what I want to do. Basically what I want to do is create a fully fledged over world...
  12. TheDragonknight

    Problems launching the game

    Whenever I try to launch the game on steam it asks for the admin password which I type in but then it just stops running... is there anyway to fix this... its never been a problem before.
  13. TheDragonknight

    Looking for modders

    I am currently working on a mod Called Gwoarwen. So far I have made new troops (without new armor) 6/13 factions I plan on making (based on the original ones), and the map (through blender). I still need help adding in new textures and meshes for the troops, making new lords with different...
  14. TheDragonknight

    Overland Map maker needed

    Hi, So I am working on a mod and things are not going too bad but I cant seem to make a map, Even with the software I tried and I just couldn't do it. If there is any skilled (or not so skilled) person who can make maps this is the map that I want: Thank you for reading bye.
  15. TheDragonknight

    [WB] [SP] Gwoarwen medieval mod

    Great news! Gwoarwen 0.1 is out! I really should have worked more on it but I just had to get it out there so I can feel a sense of accomplishment and want to work on it some more. Current Features: 6 (new) kingdoms just renamed, New troops without new meshes (still figuring that out). That's...