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  1. Weren

    [Suggestion]Rig the necks.

    I mean seriously, guys. The necks need to get rigged. They're creepy and uncool.
  2. Weren


    Every once in a while, this happens. I have no idea why. Ye have to restart Warband, if you want it to end.
  3. Weren

    Left 4 Dead 2 - problem

    So, I've got Left4Dead 2 demo. I've played it through few times, So after a week, I today wanted to play a session again, but the game wont start up. So I go to my steamapps/common/left4dead2 demo folder and try to launch it from there. This goes fine, but after the intro movie the game crashes...
  4. Weren


    So it's about year old. Have anyone seen it? I seriously think it's brilliant. It's actually a movie that everyone should see. A bit more info: Discuss.
  5. Weren

    Nasty old People

    Have ye seen it? You should. It's Brilliant. Without any more babble => Please, read the info so you may understand, why... And dont worry, It's all legal.
  6. Weren

    New games with atleast OK Graphics.

    Hi, So my new computer arrived few days ago, and now i'm looking for games for it. I'm more into FPS games, but if you have a great RPG or Adventure game with good graphics and great gameplay, be sure to post that too. Dont be afraid to post a game, with very high system requrements, my new...
  7. Weren

    Problems with Monitor.

    I've just bought a new monitor to my new computer, everything is working fine expect for this little thing - I have 4 or 5 very thin black lines going across my screen, and i cant shake them off, i've already checked the wires and all. Problems not with the computer, because i can see these...
  8. Weren

    Zero against light

    I've been thinking, what's the difference between CocaCola-light and CocaCola-Zero? I mean the taste the same, they have the same effect and no sugar. What's the catch? Filthy Pepsi-drinkers dont bother. Added poll, just for fun.
  9. Weren

    Plants VS. Zombies!

    Description: So basicly you have to defend your home from army of zombies, using plants and mushrooms. And it's Freakin' awesome! The game itself is pretty funny  and the plants and zombies are well balanced. You should, give it a try. Few Screens:
  10. Weren

    All steam games lock-up after few minutes

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? I've had this problem for a month now. I have tried almost everything, but so far nothing have helped. Problem is still waiting for solution.  :| And it seems that many other peple are...
  11. Weren

    F.E.A.R. 2, I love you!

    What do you all think about FEAR2? I Tried it yesterday and now i'm already in love with it. It sure is a game, worth of a try.
  12. Weren

    Mount&Blade-kysymykset sekä muu tilpehööri

    Pistäkää tänne kaikki kysymyksenne Mount&blade-pelistä ja jos onni suosii saatatte jopa saada tukea. Älkää aloittako uutta topicia. kkthxbai
  13. Weren

    Emo or Short?

    Because there was so much argument, i was stubid enough to start a thread about it. Now please just answer the freakin' question nicely. Which is better?
  14. Weren

    Your Car

    I was unable to find any thread, that would be about cars, so I started my own. This thread is for discussion about cars. Including your car, your dream car or someone elses car.
  15. Weren

    Mount&Blade multiplayer expansion

    Kuulitteko jo uutiset, Mount&Bladeen on nyt tulossa expansion jossain syksyn paikkeilla, muka mm. Multiplayer.,56145.0.html Kommentteja
  16. Weren

    List of dead/inactive mods

    I just got a weird idea about list of dead mods. I dont know if there already is a thread of dead mods, please tell me if there is. Many might think this is a useless and stubid idea(which it actually is) but if ye can list here all dead/inactive mods. Ps. Sorry about my english...