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  1. Kohath

    Unsolved Name is invisible in Multiplayer

    Hiya. I have a heart infront of my name on Steam. Ingame on the leaderbords, and when holding "Alt", it doesn`t show anything. I have tried putting a bracket infront of it, and then it just shows the bracket with nothing following it. I`ll link pictures below:
  2. Kohath

    [J7L] Group Stage - Group B

    [font=georgia]Group B Team W L D GF GA GD Pts TCB 3 0 0 56 27 +29 12 KAHPE'LER 2 1 0 51 28 +23 9 Sargoth Sea Raiders 1 2 0 20 54 -34 4 Javgnificent 7 0 3 0 38 56 -18 2
  3. Kohath

    Norsk NC lag?

    Er det noe stemning for et norsk NC lag eller er vi fortsatt deppa etter forrige års turnering?
  4. Kohath

    Sofajihadister i Norge - Meninger Vil gjerne høre deres tanker angående han karen her og dem som tenker det samme som han.
  5. Kohath

    [EU 5aside WWC 2] Season II - IR Champions!

    Info panel Servers(click on pictures for full size): Free for WWC match Free for WWC match Free for WWC match       Link to the Rules Topic Deadline for roster submission was: Friday 20/06 at midnight BST zone Link to Credits & Sponsor topic Link to EU WWC suggestions topic Link...
  6. Kohath

    [EU 5aside WWC 2] Season I - Main Topic - SRC Champions!

    Info panel Servers: WWC_Holland 1 - DoF-WQ Sun. at 7:30 gmt WWC_Holland 2 - free for WWC match WWC_France - free for WWC match             Link to the Rules Topic Deadline for roster submission was: Friday 14/02 at midnight GMT zone Link to Credits & Sponsor topic Link to EU WWC...
  7. Kohath

    [NA WWC 1] Season 1 - TMW Champions

    Season I - NA WWC1 Participants: (Saturday 14/12 and Sunday 15/12): The Rebels -Contacts: Snoop  Snoop    and  ıstealyoursocks Courtney Defenders of Faith -Contacts: DoF_Meade  Marin Peace Bringer  and    William Nord Champion Golden Kingdom Rabble -Contacts...
  8. Kohath

    [WWC] Battle Time

    WWC admin team presents: WWC Battle Time WWC Battle Time will be event where players from various clans (or even without clans) can join scrims where we will play together, have fun and also test WWC Special Category Maps. Every Monday at: 19:00 GMT 20:00 CET 2:00 pm EST -We will gather on...
  9. Kohath

    Hurra for 17. mai!

    Jævla svensker trodde de kunne ha Norge, men Norge viste hvem som var sjefen og derfor feirer vi den dag i dag ...  :P
  10. Kohath

    [HV] House Valdyr *Recruiting* EU

    CLAN HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN House Valdyr House Valdyr is an active international clan based in Europe. Our aim is to become a successful clan with a great memberbase. We will become tied to the Warband competitiveness and we will accomplish great things. Teamspeak We have our own teamspeak...
  11. Kohath

    The Guild 2

    Hey! Is there still anyone playing The Guild 2 out there? And would you be interested to play a few games over Hamachi? PS. I have both expansions