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  1. Bauglir

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    This kid was acting like a piece of **** 6 years ago and hasnt changed a bit
  2. Bauglir

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    I wouldn't even mind staying peasant forever
  3. Bauglir

    [WIS] Free Agents

    remove me please
  4. Bauglir

    [WIS] Free Agents

    Name:Bauglir Nationality:FIN Preferred Class:Archer Past Teams:TnT, IG, Nameless, Freelancers, BoH and some others Taleworlds:;area=summary;u=189601 Steam:
  5. Bauglir

    [WNL7] Free Agents

    Remove me please
  6. Bauglir

    [WNL7] Free Agents

    Name: Bauglir Past Teams: FIN, IG, Nameless, Freelancers Taleworlds:;area=summary;u=189601 Steam: Preferred Class: Archer/cav
  7. Bauglir


    How can it be fair or unfair? It's statistics?
  8. Bauglir

    nations cup taas

    pistäkää mut rosteriin vain
  9. Bauglir

    Nations' 5-a-side IV - Sign Ups!

    Whats the harm in having couple of players in the roster who play one or two games or not at all. Even if there was 10 of those players whats the problem? If they are not active enough to make a team on their own why can't there be a bigger team so even the less active players can still have a...
  10. Bauglir

    How famous is the above player?

    Wannabe trebron??
  11. Bauglir

    Should we abandon NC?

    Please don't host NC I don't want to play but I don't wanna break my streak
  12. Bauglir

    [WNL6] Free Agents

    Name: Bauglir Past Teams: Perkele, Korpi, TnT, Fearless Immortal Noobs, IG, FIN NC 12-17, Nameless, Agincourt, Freelancers Taleworlds:;area=summary;u=189601 Steam: Preferred Class: Archer/Cav
  13. Bauglir

    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    Name: Bauglir Steam: ID: 66456 Main Class: Ranged/Cavalry Do you want to command? (Yes/No) No
  14. Bauglir

    Trinity [Trinity_]

    Shame shame shame
  15. Bauglir

    Future of tournaments

    Ahh right, thats something I didn't remember