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  1. SP B Serf of Balion

    Complete overhaul mod and sequel to Lords of Calradia. Features: - New map: The map will be of Balion, the land where the Vlandians originate. The map will be much smaller than Calradia, but I plan to make it far richer and deeper. - New Items: Western European / Vlandian inspired weapons and...
  2. Death Probability?

    Does anyone know the chance of dying in battle? For the player, companions and Lords? I'm sure age is a factor I'd love to see the algorithim. I'll search the code when I get a chance, but if anyone knows that'd be great.
  3. More things to do with money.

    I'm walking around with loads of money mid game, like I know a lot of you are as well. I would like to see more available mercenaries, a place to recruit some high tier costly ones maybe. Village development, or a way to invest money in villages to increase prosperity and relations with the...
  4. Any news on economy fix?

    I can sell a looted mail shirt and use the money to pay for an elite armies wages for quite a while. I get they want personal equipment progression but it ruins the entire economy of the game. Once you become a lord and start winning battles the money stacks up so quick there is no need for...
  5. Combat AI nerfed!

    I was really enjoying tornaments, they were tough but beatable, I dont use the run around technique. But! With beta 1.1 the 'challenging' AI is a lot worse at blocking and its made tournaments too easy. Is this issue being looked at? Please comment if you agree. I really hope the challenging AI...
  6. Updated perks list?

    Is there an up to date perks list anywhere? Thanks.
  7. Ai Cav distracted

    I ve noticed high tier cavalry and mounted enemy Lords will often slowly trott on their mounts without really protecting themselves I often hope to duel a highly skilled Lord but can usually take em down with low effort. They usually have a strong initial charge that flakes out into horsemen...
  8. Scripting Tools

    In the blog about modding they mention that the base scripts are not editable. We will build our own scripts to add on or replace existing scripts. This will make it so we don't have to rewrite scripts every time there is a large update to the game. @Callum With this system I don't see a...
  9. Double riders for Battania

    The double-riders Greek sources document another attacking strategy of Celtic tribes: The double-riders. Apparently groups of mounted Celts, each with a second rider on their horse, approached the enemy fighters and then fought them on foot. The fast approach and the high mobility allowed for...
  10. Battania

    How long will Battania last without player intervention? Do you think they ll get ganged up on like Swadia?
  11. Any news?

    No blogs or posts lately anyone heard anything?
  12. PC gamer

    @Callum Pc gamer just announced that the game will be 49.99 US and that it will release on the 31st. Is this true or fake news? Edit.. Article got removed
  13. Place your bets!

    In what timeframe will the EA be released? We should find out the date this week according to callum. Vote on the poll and write a post if you want to be more specific.
  14. What Empire Faction do you join?

    I personally want to find out who killed Arenicos then make my desicion. I have a feeling one of the quest lines will be finding out who done it. I wanted to join the senate at first, but I have a feeling they are the dogs responsible.
  15. Shooting from horseback

    I noticed horse archery / shooting from horseback is no longer a skill. So if I get good at archery on foot, and build my riding with a lance, all of a sudden Im a good horse archer too? Also is fire damage still in the game? I havent heard anything else about it. Also what do we know about...
  16. SP Native Lords of Calradia 0.8

    0.8 has been released. Fixes some bugs. Makes AI Lords pay the same wages to troops that the player has to. They pay a lot less in native. Prisoner wagon bug fixed. Wages for troops reworked. Less to upgrade more for upkeep. You can now demolish your refuge. Outlaw Knight party that...
  17. Blogs

    Just curious if we will still be getting blogs? Not that I feel they are super needed at this point, but I do enjoy them.
  18. Optimization

    Is their a thread on optimization? Not for battles but for overland map travel?  Ive added diplomacy 4.3 to my mod Lords of Calradia and while my rig runs it fine some players are getting poor fps on map travel, worse than floris and floris has more features than my mod.
  19. SP Native [WB] New Recruitment System for Lords and Player

    I'm working on a mini mod that is going to change a couple of core mechanics with the game. AI Lords and the player now have to raise levies from villages they own, hire elites from castles or towns that they own. Villages have a recruitable population, high prosperity in the village causes...
  20. module_mission_templates

    I have been experimenting with (add_reinforcements_to_entry, 0, 10), in the module mission templates file, and it hasn't been working like I thought it would.  I have LAVs header_operations and it says it should spawn in reinforcements from your party at the given entry point. ...