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  1. Cozur

    Your thesis made simple?

    Fun little game I saw. If you've ever done a Bachelors/Masters/PhD/work involving a thesis: What is a dumbed down summary of your thesis? Here's mine: BA - Did Caligula believe himself to be a god? Maybe. Masters - Have roman authors influenced the way we view certain periods of roman...
  2. Cozur

    Usage of Taleworlds assets

    I often come across modifications for other games, such as Total War, using content directly from Mount and Blade: Warband (textures, models) - not OSP content, but content from the actual native game. Was just wondering if Taleworlds is operating with the same policy as the guys behind The...
  3. Cozur

    Reviewing modifications - your thoughts?

    Been pondering lately whether to review a project on moddb. When giving a bad review of a regular game, most people think it's no big deal to, as long as you've stated your, very reasonable, reasons. However, reading reviews of modifications, objections come pouring in, left and right, if the...
  4. Cozur

    The great guide to history - for gamers

    Yeah, yeah, I'm the King of Pomposity with that title, I know. Currently doing my MA in history and religion at the University of Southern Denmark, and figured people might be interested in a good read. I...
  5. Cozur

    [Modders Resource] Quest template

    So been working on getting my own quests bug free, and figured I'd post a template for other people interested in making some, for their own modifications. The original code is from the Brytenwalda team, heavily edited by me. Feel free to use it in your own projects, as long as you follow these...
  6. Cozur

    You guys aware

    of this?:
  7. Cozur

    A Clash of Kings is recruiting.

    Link: A Clash of Kings is a Mount and Blade: Warband modification, set in the fictional "A Song of Ice and Fire" universe. The modification has been ranked in the top five modifications on for the greater part of a year, as well as getting...
  8. Cozur

    Mount and Blade: Bannerlord props

    Starting this topic as a sort of consideration thread. Even though we know nothing of how Bannerlord will handle scene building, and especially props, I think there's a good chance we'll be able to use some of the many props that's been made for Warband, and probably a fair amount of other...
  9. Cozur

    Youtube embedding?

    Couldn't find an answer to this, despite frantic use of the search function. How do I embed a youtube video on the Taleworlds forums?
  10. Cozur

    Model request. Work hard for no pay.

    I'm looking for someone who'd be interested in doing a couple of textured models for the modification A Clash of Kings, based on the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire", which in turn was the base for the popular HBO show, A Game of Thrones. For more information on the modification, check out...
  11. Cozur

    How to improve immersion in MB: Warband?

    I recently got back into playing ES: Skyrim, and while the game has horrible graphics, even with ENB tweaks, the immersion elements are just fantastic. So many NPC's to talk to, so many books to read, so many custom locations to explore. I feel like this is an element that has always lacked in...