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  1. thick1988

    Bring back Late Medieval Age gear to Bannerlord!

    Personally, I'd rather the game have some sort of progression system that allows new 'more advanced' armors and weapons to show up and be introduced as the game progresses. As it is, the game is meant to be played in such a way that if you have a long running campaign, you'll be moving along...
  2. thick1988

    Collection of Suggestions After a 24 year campaign.

    As I've been playing on 1.4.0 some of this stuff may already be patched in, but I have read the patch notes and removed anything that seems like it has. Changes/Features I'd Like to See Reinforcements during a battle should arrive outside of the Red Boundary, and then make their way into the...
  3. thick1988

    Pace of Battle

    Realistic Battle Mod helps, Ive had some good 20 minute standoffs where we just shoot arrows at eachothers army and cavalry sort of skirmishes on the flanks before the final melee. But even then I feel like a few things should be changed. 1) Athletics. Athletics should be limited for all...
  4. thick1988

    Differentiate between "owned" fief and having jurisdiction so that fiefs can be granted to lords

    I think also there should be a sort of chain of command for fiefs. As of now a lord is lord of a castle or lord of a town. Villages just fall under their umbrella. Villages should be able to be assigned as standalone fiefs to nobles, party members, etc. A village could then benefit from its...
  5. thick1988

    Enable Death working on 1.5

    Yeah, I remember they will execute you if they dislike you enough. Especially if you've been lopping heads yourself. Just wish death could come in battle as well. One of my favorite playthroughs ended abruptly when I went galloping after fleeing looters, only to have one stick a spear into my face.
  6. thick1988

    Enable Death working on 1.5

    That's a shame. I guess I'll remain on 1.4.0 until that's implemented. As it is, I've managed to survive for 7 in-game years so far with death set at 30% chance. (Statistically, for noblemen of the period, 30% of the male nobility died in battles) source...
  7. thick1988

    Dark Ages Medieval 1066 Anno Domini

    This is the mod I was hoping to see on Bannerlord. So far, it's really the only one I'm interested in. Great model work so far, can't wait to see it all come to fruition.
  8. thick1988

    Enable Death working on 1.5

    So, can the player die permanently as well now? This would be the cherry on top and enough to get my ass off of 1.4.0 finally.
  9. thick1988

    What Mods would you like to be made?

    Honestly, I'd like a mod that puts me back in Calradia at 1257AD with all our familiar friends and enemies from Warband, as well as some new faces. Additionally, I'd love a mod that simulates technological advancement over time based on in-game year. Say at year 1150 new items begin appearing...
  10. thick1988

    Hope for Coop

    An alternative might be just that both players remain within the same party, as opposed to being independent parties.
  11. thick1988

    Max Sound Channels

    I've been looking for a way to resolve the issue of limited sound channels on Warband, basically that issue where you're in a big battle or siege, and even though you're maybe 10 feet from the fighting, all you hear is footsteps and yells from soldiers. Is there any way to increase the maximum...
  12. thick1988

    LSP Music New soundtrack for MAB

    Excellent, I always was kind of disappointed in the Native soundtrack.  :D
  13. thick1988

    Object Shows Black w/Bumpmap, DXT1

    UPDATE: To my unending stupidity, it seemed I had put the specular material in for the Bumpmap. Issue resolved! Thanks anyways!
  14. thick1988

    Object Shows Black w/Bumpmap, DXT1

    Hello, Longtime modder and very familiar with DDS Converter, GIMP, OpenBRF, etc. I've been making models and textures for years for this game, but I've recently come across a problem and I've tried everything I can think of. I've retextured the great_helm_new from the Native game, including...
  15. thick1988


    Brian, Baron of Wigan and 5 time tournament champion at London. Who can now afford to purchase new armor and ditch the 200 year old set.
  16. thick1988

    Floris w/o new items.

    Cool, I actually went ahead and downloaded and installed that version. Seems like what you were saying. Thanks
  17. thick1988

    Flatter terrain: How do I get it?

    This is a long sought-after thing. There were some mods back on the old M&B that figured it out. Also 1257ad had custom battlefields that were pre-set and usually flat. But the randomly generated terrain from Native is nothing short of mind boggling and ugly.
  18. thick1988

    Floris w/o new items.

    I've been looking at the available versions of Floris, I like the new gameplay features it compiles. But I don't really want all the items. Is there a version which offers scripts and gameplay changes without all the new items and textures?
  19. thick1988

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Narf's Transitional Armour Pack (Updated 07/19/10)

    Sounds like you're putting the Resource in the Native module. I would place the .brf file in the Native module's Resource folder, or place it in the CommonRes folder. Make sure you edit your module.ini document to tell it to load the .brf file too. Remember that the name must match exactly.
  20. thick1988

    Is this mod stil active?

    5 years well worth it. It is/was a great mod. Way more time than I'd be able to put into a mod. I peter out after a couple months generally.  :?