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  1. Hernanxd16

    [WB][S] A New Era For Calradia.

    Factions: - Western Calradian Empire - Eastern Calradian Empire - Grand Duchy Grunwalder - Grand Duchy Etrosq - White Principality - Vanir Clan - Union of Clans Jotuns - Karakhergit Khanate - Nachaghan Khanate - Orhanid Empire - Dukharis Tsardom (Invader faction) Posible Factions: - County of...
  2. Hernanxd16

    How to add mercenary camps like in WFaS in Warband?

    Good days, I'm working in my own mod, and a user asked me if I might add the mercenary camps like in WFaS in Warband, Does anyone know how could I?Or it is too complicated? Thank you in advance for your help Sorry for my bad english, I only speak spanish Buenos días, estoy trabajando en mi...
  3. Hernanxd16

    Syntax Error in Module System

    To begin, sorry for my bad English, I only speak Spanish Already search in the forum if there was some solution but I did not find her Good days, I believe this topic to know if someone podria to help myself, the problem is the following one: I use the MS of the Diplomacy 4.2 and before that I...