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  1. Roberto_Italiano

    In Progress Horse lagging when bumping

    Hey, On a start I will say that I searched for a threads like this, found only from 2010 which remained unsolved. As in the subject, not always, but often horse lags when I try to bump and maneuver it. It is very annoying. I wanted to ask if anyone found a solution to it, or if devs would look...
  2. Roberto_Italiano

    Wardens vs Atlas match and whole mess with it

    This thread I dedicate to the incident on Warden vs Atlas match. So going from the start, everything was going as planned, we started to play 1st set. When score was 1-1 (Atlas won the round, thus they had bonus gold), troll joined their team and started teamkilling them. We banned him and (I...
  3. Roberto_Italiano

    [WNL7] Post Season Events

    We as Wardens would be up for this type of match, f.e. Sunday, before/after AE grandfinal match (If we finish match with NNN before Sunday which is very possible)