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  1. huN

    [ECS4] Servers and booking

    i thought there was only 1 time traveler in this tourney
  2. huN

    [ECS4] Championship Group

    KT 10 - 4 BT played on ger_6. well played!
  3. huN

    [ECS4] Championship Group

    since noone posted KT 12 - 0 BASH played on GER_7
  4. huN

    [ECS4] Group A

    KT 12 - 2 Druberfahrn Played on GER_7. gg, wp! edited.
  5. huN

    [ECS4] Group A

    Kebab Tactics 12 - 1 GODSENT It was played on GER_3. gg wp
  6. huN

    Next tournament nation-based?

    chaos in a medieval game sounds more fun to me, 6v6 players need good duelling or groupfighting skills, while 8v8 players depend more on survivability, awareness and so on. id go for 8v8, no matter nc or team
  7. huN

    the epic video thread of ONeil

    post the list already, ****
  8. huN

    [WRL] Division A - Week 5

    Redemption 12 - 1 Malta gg, wp. played on GER_5
  9. huN

    [WRL] Division A - Week 4

    Redemption 10 - 6 Irish Rebels well played. it was on GER_5 i believe.
  10. huN

    [WRL] Division A - Week 3

    Redemption 7 - 6 Espana was played on ger_5 as far as i remember. gg
  11. huN

    [WRL] Division A - Week 1

    Redemption 10 - 7 AE we dont have the screens for ID's not sure if we printed or not, well played AE!
  12. huN

    [W6C] Week 2 | Division A Groupstage [31/05]

    gfj vs dopey sunday 8;30 bst
  13. huN

    [W6C] Week 1 | Division A Groupstage [24/05]

    gfj 12 - 3 warbandits
  14. huN

    [W6C] Servers & Booking

    GFJ vs. warbandits tonight 8bst
  15. huN

    [W6C] Week 1 | Division A Groupstage [24/05]

    GFJ vs. warbandits tomorrow 8bst
  16. huN

    [W6C] Team Rosters

    Team Name: GFJ also remove him from malta pls thanks
  17. huN

    [W6C] Week 1 | Division B Groupstage [24/05]

    sweet banners i like it
  18. huN

    [W6C] Team Rosters

    erm, cant see team GOOD ****ING JOB
  19. huN

    [W6C] Warband 6-aSide Cup Sign-Up Thread [Groups Announced]

    Team Banner: Team name: GOOD ****ING JOB Team Tag: GFJ_ Contact 1: huN steam Contact 2 : Tomayus steam Roster:
  20. huN

    [WNL8] Livestreams

    haha well im just used to it, i mean i was...