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  1. Roy1012

    Clan Name Suggestions

    I am going to be creating a group once a persistent world equivalent mod comes out in Bannerlord. I have had a clan called House Blackfyre for many years, however I am considering changing it for Bannerlord. If I do, I thought of a few names off the bat from lore I enjoy and I made a few myself...
  2. Roy1012

    Multiplayer Server Population

    Do we know how many players will be able to fit on a server, and how many should? While maps can always be made larger, it may not feel like you're even playing on the same server as your friend if you're on one side of the castle and it would take 5 minutes to walk over to your friend. Do we...
  3. Roy1012

    Matchmaking VS Server List

    Has the beta included only the matchmaking system, or is there also a server list, like in Warband? Do we know if there'll be a server list, or is it just the matchmaking system for the actual game?
  4. Roy1012

    Modding capabilities through the open beta

    Do you guys think that modders will be able to do *some* work when the open beta comes out? Obviously it’ll be incompatible with the games release, but there is still a myriad of things possible to be done. Do you think they will be able to?
  5. Roy1012

    NEW Bannerlord Youtuber -- Roy the Bannerlord

    Hello and Welcome! My name is Roy, my youtube channel is called Roy the Bannerlord and I am working on making videos for Warband in preparation for Bannerlord. I will be covering a lot of aspects of Warband, such as the vast amounts of mods as well as talking about Bannerlord and giving updates...
  6. Roy1012

    Kingdom of Macedonia (NA)

    Reserved, WIP.
  7. Roy1012

    15th New Jersey Regiment of Foot

    WIP will be edited tomorrow
  8. Roy1012

    The 1st Polish Regiment of Infantry

    THE 1st POLISH REGIMENT The 1st Polish regiment (1st Infantry Regiment, also known in game as the 1stIR) was formed on January 17th, 2014, by Colonel Hungarian Habsburg and his supporters. Due to the former colonel of the 30th's inactivity and generally...
  9. Roy1012

    Looking For Scripter URGENT

    I am looking for a scripter who can script for PW. I just need you to work FAST, willing to pay. Thanks. -Roy1012
  10. Roy1012

    New Persistent Age- Revived!

    Welcome to the new version of Persistent Age! I am happy to present to you the new version of Persistent Age. It is being revived and worked on as we speak. You can join the steam group in the link below titled "Steam Page". Maestro will no longer be the server owner, I, Roy1012, will be the...
  11. Roy1012

    How to add steam profile to signature?

    Hey everyone. I want to add my steam profile to my signature. I've seen people where in their signature it shows if they are offline and everything. How do i do that? Many thanks. -Roy1012
  12. Roy1012

    The Glengarry Light Infantry Sunday Conquest

    SIGN UPS ARE OPEN The GLI is proud to announce a weekly conquest battle. The event will take place at 12 noon EST (5 PM / 17:00 GMT). You will get a friend invite and server info via steam. Get in the server at 11:45 pm Est. You can also find the teams in our teamspeak:
  13. Roy1012

    The 78th Saturday Line Battle!

  14. Roy1012

    The Glengarry Light Infantry Sunday NAVAL BATTLE

    SIGN UPS ARE OPEN!!!!! The Glengarry Light Infantry (GLI) are proud to annouce a weekly naval battle. The event will take place at 6:30 PM EST. You will get a friend invite and server info via steam. For our Weekly Saturday Line Battle, go here...