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  1. Moton

    Write in lobby

    Can you please add a function so that we can write to the people in the lobby screen where you wait for game? You can write and the chattbox appears but no one can see what you say.
  2. Moton

    Come on guys get the beta and start playing

    Can we get some more people to download the beta and play captain? Not many players here at the moment.
  3. Moton


  4. Moton

    Rename my parties/castles/towns

    I would like to be able to rename my own parties to as an example different Roman legions such as Legio VI Victrix or Legio XII Fulminata for my RP playthroughs. Also it would be really cool to get some stats about every party "Legion" like how many battles they've won, how many denars they have...
  5. Moton


    I would very much like to be able to ally myself with other kingdoms without actually joining them, as an example I have norten Empire right at the borders of my kingdom and they only have one town left wich I would like to help and protect because it was norten Empire that helped me get this...
  6. Moton

    Units especially cav Captain mode

    In my experience the units are to slow, I understand that they cant be exactly beside you all the time because they would just be in the way but when it comes to cavalry they are way to slow. To many times I ride towards a cluster of troops just to see that one of them have pikes, I divert and...
  7. Moton

    Bannerlord RTX?

    I have no idea how things like this work but is it possible for Taleworlds to add ray tracing into the game in a later stage? If so is it possible they are gonna do it? Because the lumination of the game seems to be a problem in many scenes, ray tracing in some form would make the graphics look...
  8. Moton

    The different game modes needs different balancing

    Lets be real here and say that giving all of the 2 handed infantary classes shields is a great idea in Skirmish and Siege but I dont think I could say the same about Captain mode. They can generally take on any other infantary unit and now their only weakness wich was ranged attacks has been...