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  1. eXt_kill

    [ECS4] European Championship Series Signups - Signup Deadline 05/10/2020

    Free agent Name: eXt_kill Class: Archer Steam : Preferred Division :
  2. eXt_kill

    [WNL8] Congratulations & Thank Yous

    I not best ranger in division B 😢
  3. eXt_kill

    [WNL8] General Discussion

    I quickly turn 90 or 180 you can see the twitching you see that I make two flicks, first flick to rotate the camera, second flick to hit the enemy p.s I don't know what it looks like with a spectator
  4. eXt_kill

    [WNL8] Division B - Week 4 | Deadline: 01/03

    IL 10 - 6 FP Server: WNL_GER_2
  5. eXt_kill

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    You can create a medal for this hero, the end of the season
  6. eXt_kill

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    If you balance the players by hidden rating or hidden rating + mmr. Attach hidden rating to player id
  7. eXt_kill

    [WNL8] Sign Ups & Introduction

    Free Agent: Name: eXt_kill Main Class: Archer Steam:
  8. eXt_kill

    Samu's Video Thread

    what is your sensitivity/dpi?
  9. eXt_kill

    Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    Team Name: eSz Players: eXt_kill, Shogun, Zoyka, Steam Contact (Team leader):
  10. eXt_kill

    [TWC] €1000+ Cross-Module Tournament Signups

    Name: eXt_kill Nationality: UA Past Native Teams: NNN, 2018 Past NW Teams: CCCCP, DDB, Team Ukraine(2018), Slavic, PohuiNahui, 96y, 15thYR. Steam: Preferred Class: Archer
  11. eXt_kill

    Native Fantasy League [NFL] Sign ups!

    Name: eXt_kill ID:1786983 Main Class:Archer Second Class:Infantry Steam: TaleWorlds:;u=481164 Interessted in leading a team?: (Yes/No)No Would you mind/Do you want to call for your team...