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  1. Brodacious

    Preview equipped item when smithing

    Give us a little red dead 2 action where we can hold it, rotate it, and clean it too just for fun.
  2. Brodacious

    Smithy ideas

    Both are great ideas. I especially don’t understand why there is not a box for only what we have unlocked.
  3. Brodacious

    Best v1.5.3 Siege Strategy vs. Lvl 3 Cities?

    Haven’t tried this in the campaign, only custom battles. Make a save before and try getting all your men set up right in front of the gate and try your best to climb up a ladder by yourself and open up the gate. If you can make it by dodging and jumping down the wall, you can just charge in all...
  4. Brodacious

    What are the "friends" in bannerlord for?

    Only serves to clutter up the encyclopedia page when all you want to see is who their family members are. At least that is my experience with nobles/lords with all their friends and enemies. You can collapse it but it is expanded after you close the encyclopedia .
  5. Brodacious

    1257 Calradia MOD

    Call the police, shots have been fired
  6. Brodacious

    Map design and balance in Captain mode - Town map is very unbalanced

    I want just open maps without objectives for the most part like in NW and have more players. Maybe throw up a flag somewhere to force a clash toward the end of the round just like it eliminates down to one flag now.
  7. Brodacious

    Free-form lines possible?

    Could you do a wedge formation and have them face the opposite direction?
  8. Brodacious

    Everything Has A Price

    I'd like to get rid of buying holdings and be able swap/trade holdings with other vassals. Mods in Warband had this. Could trade a holding for equal or lesser value.
  9. Brodacious

    Capital of the former Empire?!

    Would have to say the city of the Empress in the south.
  10. Brodacious

    Unique Empire Factions

    I liked the idea of them being the same like now but having an auxiliary line. Not sure what that would look like though. Southern having some sort of light cav or really good skirmishers, Western maybe some type of great crossbowman or mace equipped infantry( or new type of heavy cav) and...
  11. Brodacious

    Share Your Custom Banners Here

    Don’t have a pic of it since I am posting from my phone but I made the banner of the Kayi tribe of Oghuz Turks while playing as Ertugrul. Basically just a blue banner with a white Y and two white lines on both sides of it.
  12. Brodacious

    Enemy lord(emperor) stuck within town

    Another clan will take over if he is the last of the ruling clan.
  13. Brodacious

    Possible Heir System

    I used the console to kill myself as well as a faction leader. When you die, you could play as your spouse and kids (I am assuming, didn’t have any kids yet) by picking from a list. You can’t pick companions. Npcs leaders will go to another clan member which could be related to them or not. If...
  14. Brodacious


    Seems like you can sell a workshop for than its worth after a bit.
  15. Brodacious

    Question re creating your own Kingdom

    Anyone tried the make yourself leader of your faction command? Does it work? Thought I also say a election command.
  16. Brodacious

    Neat Small Additions

    I do like that and meant to mention it. There is suppose to be a big banner item that you can edit files to add back into the game that will show up on the world map.
  17. Brodacious

    Neat Small Additions

    Very important for muh immersion
  18. Brodacious

    Neat Small Additions

    So not to downplay the many bugs for the game, but there are some cool new little details to the game. *Attacking a caravan will have the caravan spawn area have pack animals and crates with goods on the battle map. *All weapons show on your character unlike Warband. Have 4 2h swords on your...
  19. Brodacious

    You only get a sword on your back if you have three on your hip... :(

    You can have 4 swords on your back. Go for the double Witcher look. I have seen a sword on your left side and mace/ axe on the right hip
  20. Brodacious

    Forging Civilian Weapons

    If you use cheat mode and go to your inventory, it lists all items in the game. There are actually some 2h swords that are civilian weapons.