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  1. koteko

    Pagan anglo-saxon playthrough?

    After having finished the game as pagan siding with norse as well as christian siding with anglo-saxon, I'm wondering about what happens with "weird" combinations, in particular pagan siding with anglo-saxons (Uthred for the win). I know that raiding monasteries would pretty much make it...
  2. koteko

    [Reforged Beta] Mules utility

    So, I've discovered the "camp followers thing" and I'm loving it. However, one thing bothered me: mules. Sure, they are useful to keep items until I can be bothered to add them to my companions, or to sell them, but what occupies most of my inventory (and I have 7 pips in it) is food. I use...
  3. koteko

    [Reforged Beta] Marry a Martial's lord daughter

    I've had big difficulties getting lords to agree on let me woo their daughters :P In particular, Martial types seem to be too hard. To test it, I've cheated my renown to +2k, increased lord relation to 100 and increased reputation to "Admirable" (don't remember the numerical value) and got a...
  4. koteko

    [Steam][Linux] Crashes every few minutes

    I've got the beta on Steam, using Linux. I left this game sitting for a while, but it was working decently a few weeks ago. Not sure how many patches have been released, however I did a complete reinstall of the beta and tried the game. It's crashing too often so it's unplayable to me, due to...
  5. koteko

    Steam Warband version 1.162?

    Is it normal that, having VC installed with the Beta, my warband version results as being 1.162 instead of 1.163? In rgl_log.txt: " Version:  1.162" Should I clean & re-installed again?
  6. koteko

    Strange Scenes (floating walls)

    - Bebbanburh has floating walls and buildings (not all, but a good chunk of them) - nearby, the "fighter's camp" hideout has a very weird shape: if you straight, you end up immediately in deep waters  (and die). To reach the bandits, you have to climb the high rocks and go around, which takes...
  7. koteko

    [Spoiler alert] Replayability

    I'm going with my first "hiccup" ride with VC as a Norse/Sanguine/Fortitute/Pagan combination. So, I start in Frisia, then get kicked out and have to go in Denmark, and I'm still waiting for the Assembly to decide on my fate while I go save Bodo. Now, my question is: how much replayability can...
  8. koteko

    [WB][S] RoaK - Rise of a King

    Rise of a King a Native flavoured Mod This is the mod I have been waiting for (unsuccessfully) since I started playing M&B. It is already playable (it's the one I play when I have time) but I'm not releasing it for testing as it is going to break savegame compatibility at each new release for...
  9. koteko

    Dialogues visualization/management

    Is there any tool that can help, in any way, to manage the dialogue organization? How do you guys keep up with the increase in dialogues any decent mod has experienced?
  10. koteko

    Bank code

    Hi, I think you've all done a great work here :) in fact, I'd love to use one of the feature that I like most: the extended bank system the Duh has implemented. I've found the link to the code: but there's a part that is not working properly (in the financial...
  11. koteko

    [Script] some unofficial additions

    Hi! I'm trying to learn how to mod in this game, so I picked up the best & simplest mod with source code availabe, Diplomacy, and started playing with it. If you don't know how to use the module system to build a module, or you just don't care, I've packaged a module so you can just put it into...
  12. koteko


    Hi all! I've started playing this mod, and just noticed that I probably miss the font you used (I play with linux/wine). Which one is it? As a side note, I actually "feel comfortable" with the original font (some other mods I tried changed and I could not play with the more than a couple of...
  13. koteko

    Best kingdom management mod

    I hope this is the right section..otherwise, my apologies! I've been playing Warband, and when I finally got my kingdom, I found it very limitating in the amount of things you can actually do. So I looked around, and found the mods...and started with Diplomacy. Now I'm a mod addicted, I've...