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  1. McBeverage

    McBev Needs Computer Halp! (September 4th: New Problem)

    Right, so I need help.  I just got a computer with this.  That would be perfect for me, except for the fact that my monitor only has VGA, and the card doesn't have VGA output.  Basically, I was wondering if there's a cheap solution to my woes. And yeah, I googled.  Most of the reviews for...
  2. McBeverage

    TBD- To Be Decided

        To Be Decided    What is TBD? TBD is a clan, by the members, for the members; it is solely for fun, casual gameplay. What's So Special About TBD? TBD is self government at it's finest. Everything is put to a vote of it's members, and everything can be changed. TBD Clan Guidlines...
  3. McBeverage

    ¿Skype nicks?

    Since myself and a few others occasionally have orgies on Skype, I figured I'd make a thread for Skype nicks to facilitate these orgies. Forum Name = Skype Name Acop = Apocalypse9231 Arcadius112 = Aaron.The.Awesome Archonsod = Archonsod Arnas = Arnas981 b00227783 = madamelemaboobs...
  4. McBeverage

    Looking to learn to play keyboard

    Yes, I have far too much time on my hands.  (har har). Basically, I'm interested in learning to play a keyboard because it'll give me something to do. I have a Yamaha PSR-6, and no moneys to buy a better one or anything of the sort. Anyone have any tips?
  5. McBeverage

    Removing Certain troop classes at game start - How To?

    Basically, I'm interested in removing all troops other than heroes above the various recruit classes from all parties at the onset of the game.  I don't want to completely remove them (yet), and I also don't want to remove the various bandit/merchant/farmer parties, but I want to prevent them...
  6. McBeverage

    A New Player's Guide to joining Clans (NEEDS CLAN DESCRIPTIONS FROM LEADERS.)

    Post here. ;) ^^Not a complete list of clans by any means, there might be a clan that's more suited to you that's not on the list.^^ Things that would be helpful for clans actively recruiting would be - How old are you?                                                                     ...
  7. McBeverage

    New Forum Layout! (As Of April 8 2010)

    Alright, I'm sure that many of you have noticed that the forums have a new layout. Clan threads can be found here, once they're moved. Questions regarding Warband's single player aspect are to be located here. Suggestions/feedback regarding Warband's multiplayer aspect are to be located here...
  8. McBeverage

    Thread for "A quick question" posts

    So, I'm sure that a lot of other players have become rather annoyed by people creating threads to ask for release date and the sort of thing.  Basically, if you're having problems with installing or want to ask about a small aspect of the game (IE how to couch), post it here.  I can't...
  9. McBeverage

    New Game Style: "Calradia FPS"

    OK, so Stin and I were playing this yesterday, and I thought it'd be an amusing side of the game. The basic premise of it is that you are a Calradian crossbowman, tasked with finding enemy crossbowmen. You have had no experience in melee weapons, and as such you wield none.  You wield nothing...
  10. McBeverage

    Favourite Food To Eat When You're Sick

    Toast, with peanut butter on it OR Toast, with margarine and cinnamon on it.
  11. McBeverage

    (Suggestion) Censoring

    When Warband comes out, there will inevitably be a large number of people who make "St0p teh cu$$in'" style threads.  This will be rather annoying, as many players, including myself on occasion, swear.  Therefore, I propose Warband have a option to censor all the offending language.  Censored...
  12. McBeverage

    US Server 4 Error

    Hello. It seems that server 4 has a different script that my computer is unable to read, or some such. When I get into the server, I see the faction selection screen for about half a second or so. Then, it errors out, the game shuts down, and, IIRC, doesn't show me an error message.  Any help...
  13. McBeverage

    Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings

    Since, as of the past week or so, I've spent a couple hours playing this online with some fellow Warbanders, I figured I'd create a topic dedicated to talking about this awesome game. Talk about the game here, in other words.
  14. McBeverage

    Rate the first page of Posts of the above poster.

    Basically, this is an attempt to delve into the maturing personalities of the forum.  Rate the first page of posts(as in, rate the earliest posts)  Also, ignore any edited posts. Let's see... Back then I was even worse then I am now. Therefore, I give myself a 2/5
  15. McBeverage

    A question of Warband Price

    Will Warband cost less to Betatesters? I'll willingly pay any price, but I want to be able to plan my cash-I've got a lot of expenses around the time it's coming out.
  16. McBeverage

    Favourite TW Meme

    Forgive me if there is already a thread like this; I searched but saw none. Taleworlds has a few memes.  Which are your favourites? I rather enjoy lol'ling at Frodogorn, and the Sexiness of Pavlov.
  17. McBeverage

    Favourite Authors!

    Aight.  I have noticed that there is no "Favourite Author" threads up in here.  So, post thy favourite author here (or a list of 'em.) Terry Goodkind R.A. Salvatore /sarcasm  Stephanie Meyer /endsarcasm
  18. McBeverage

    Games that feel like chores: A Warning Thread

    So, I was playing a game I bought on the cheap at a garage sale, and I realized after about a half hour, "This game's no fun!" So I decided to make a topic where forumers could post games to avoid. Age of Castles The Chosen: Well of Souls Gothic 3 (Amazing game, but so much lag as to render it...
  19. McBeverage

    What Game are you playing most, in the last month

    If playing with mods, specify what game and what mod. For me?  The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind EDIT: And i've also been checking out this game:
  20. McBeverage

    Taleworlds: The Looters Need To Be Nerfed!

    I am writing this post to inform you of a pox that has spread across Calridia.  They have destroyed whole villages.  Their legions pillage manhunters mercilessly.  Whole squads have fallen to this threat. I am speaking, of course, of the dreaded Looter. How many bands have they slain? How...