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  1. wanderer949

    More Warhorse and More Horse for Mount and Blade

    MORE WARHORSE!! Some textures made by ZIRA of the oblivion modding world and brought over to the warband by me- Wanderer949 (I have permission) but a lot of the textures are ones I have found and put together. they are open for use in any mods, just some credit is good final version for mount...
  2. wanderer949


    tactics  :) lately I have been having some big battles and the tactics of the enemies kinda suck, they seem kinda worse than the original MnB they slowly come towards you in their ranks;  my archers just kill them, they have reinforcements before the swords come out. the cavalry doesn't charge...
  3. wanderer949

    cavalry men who have lost their horse charge into battle and get killed

    this is a bit of a bug i reckon or an annoying problem cavalry men who have lost their horse charge into battle and get killed or run around by themselves like lunatics. such as the other day a khergit lancer lost his horse and instead of joining the infantry line (like mount and blade) he...
  4. wanderer949

    Installing on a no internet computer?

    hi so I have bought a copy of warband, can I install it on my game computer that has no internet? I tried and it brought up something about steam.dll Is there a way around this or do I need the Internet, I want to play single player not multiplayer. thanks
  5. wanderer949

    OSP - Horse Mods

    YesMoreHorses 3.0 - 50 horses Download - made by me wanderer - compatible with MoreHorses has some more realistic textures didn't combine with the MoreHorse texture pack as some prefer them...
  6. wanderer949

    More Huscarls

    hi Is it possible to change the amount of Nord huscarl's a lord or king gets as I have noticed they seem to hardly get any huscarls, compared to how many rhod seargents, the lords and king get for the rhods. So is it possible to boost huscarl numbers so the nord lords and king ragnor actually...