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  1. Lord_David

    Sota's Pro map thread!1!

    the new village looks nice, would like to see that in.
  2. Lord_David

    TEAM USA 2013 : Let Freedom Ring

    On the first map USA's highest ping was 176, Turkey's highest ping was 221, on the Hungary server USA averaged 160 ping turkey had and average of 25, on USA's server turkey averaged 180 ping(+20 on USA) and USA had an average of 31(+6 on Turkey). So for the first map the ping is in USA's favour...
  3. Lord_David

    Group Stage Bets [Results are in + Poll about Bonus Points]

    Group A 1. Russia 2. Poland 3. Italy 4. Canada 5. Greece Group B 1. Turkey 2. Scandinavia 3. U.K 4. Lithuania 5. Brazil Group C 1. Ukraine 2. Ka & E.R 3. BeNe 4. Finland 5. Middle E. Group D 1. Germany 2. France 3. U.S.A. 4. Cze R. 5. Georgia
  4. Lord_David

    NC2013 poll : who will win?

    dem mech's.. bloody nightmare
  5. Lord_David

    I know most of you own the game already

    Multi player is the main aspect of the game, in fact many people are like Xtrah, hardly played the SP aspect of things, Would be nice to see a bit more of a fleshed out MP section, maybe talking about the various modes like battle, duel, team deathmatch and seige, also linking to the warband...
  6. Lord_David

    Team Italy

    I had a pizza for lunch yesterday, can I join?
  7. Lord_David

    UK Elections: Princess

    I wasn't aware I was referring to you, in fact I didn't even realise you had posted here, we had and have non AE members in our roster if you had cared to look at the UK thread when it was up. When last I checked over 50% wasn't all of us being in AE, though I haven't done maths in a long time.
  8. Lord_David

    UK Elections: Princess

    sorry if I come across strongly but I don't believe a fairly big bunch of inactive players, including a few posting here, is representative of the UK player base either. Also people seem to think deacon as an organiser can somehow effect leadership or our results in a bias way? if so you've got...
  9. Lord_David

    UK Elections: Princess

    And the year before: I was there too! at least i remember being there
  10. Lord_David

    UK Elections: Princess

    Votes have to be PM'ed Blacktide
  11. Lord_David

    UK Elections: Princess

    how about we keep the thread for UK captaincy only?
  12. Lord_David

    [NC2013] Questions and Answers

    What happened to the UK thread? it was there earlier and it's just disappeared now :o
  13. Lord_David

    [NC2013] Questions and Answers

    Tyranny? pretty strong word there, I guess it will be handled as it normally has been, half home half away, fairest way imo.
  14. Lord_David

    Bets Competition (You love it really!)

    [list type=decimal] AE 22nd RNGD WV IG Einherjar PE CoR LCDH Samurai DR Unvanquished TKOS Legend Heroes Calaquendi Academy of Swan Legend Kharakternyky wolfbro Army Sarracens Desert lions Warfare rulers [/list] Unvanquished vs Warfare Rulers Guard of Istiniar vs Einherjar Heroes vs Kharaternyky...
  15. Lord_David

    [WNL1-2] Livestreams & Recordings |

    Would Lust be able to stream that match or is he still having problems?
  16. Lord_David

    Apis Europae [AE] Masters of the Universe

    i love the MS paint banner