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  1. BlackTide

    Unsolved Screen Problem!

    Hi, My computer screen is pink and it won't go back to normal. It has done this with two previous monitors and I've just changed monitors and then it's been fine for 2 months or so before going pink again. It used to only happen when I was playing games but is now permanent. I've recently got a...
  2. BlackTide

    Tony's Tanks (TT)

    Hello we are a new clan Members: Anthony BlackTide Matino PuffTheDragon Treode Armin Kane Matt Heat I hope you like it.
  3. BlackTide

    KURWA BlackTide's Clan

    Thinking about starting a clan, PM me if you're interested. If I can't get enough players then I'll drop it. Please be decent and not ragey. Willing to impart my wisdom on you. I won a duelling tournament once. I'll probably try to lead. thanks
  4. BlackTide

    Thank Yous, Congratulations and Commiserations

    Hello, chaps! We've reached the end of yet another Nations Cup tournament, the sixth of its kind. A number of knaves tried their best to frustrate the tournament, but the grit and determination of the teams involved saw them through some arduous matches late into the evening. The tournament...
  5. BlackTide

    [NC2015] Captains List

                              Remember that the admins aren't here to solve geo-political conflicts or state regional thirst for independence. That's for the UN.                                    Applications for the captaincy of your national team are to be submitted here. Each application...
  6. BlackTide

    Nations Cup 2015

    We're back with a team of far better looking administrators and a couple of tweaks to the rules. There were a couple of issues with last years tournament that we're going to address further on in this post and that we've all learnt from. Notable changes are our new draft of administrators, ID...
  7. BlackTide

    [UNAC S4] Weekly Stats

    Click Here I will be taking care of the weekly stats for Season 4 because Cradoc no longer has the time. Many thanks to Cradoc for running them in the previous seasons. The stats will be collected in the same fashion as before.
  8. BlackTide

    Good Righteous Enthusiastic Attack Tournament [GREAT]: BLACKTIDE WINS

    GOOD RIGHTEOUS ENTHUSIASTIC ATTACK TOURNAMENT IT'S GREAT! This tournament shall encapsulate what is GREAT about Warband. Participants will be restricted to duelling with either Great Hammers or Great Lances, depending upon the week that it is. The expected level of skill in blocking is...
  9. BlackTide


    hi im emperor blacktide this is my client state called mtw it is a part of the empire of blacktide we are looking to join unac as we break away from the midnight watchmen we want to win ! members: emperor blacktide arys esquire grand strategist madoc creed king fatso капитан folms horace the...
  10. BlackTide

    Woolwich Attack - Soldier Dead A man believed to be a soldier was attacked in Woolwich on the 22nd of May. The prime suspects are 2 Islamic men. Information is sketchy at best but the chap was hacked at by two men with cleavers. Horrendous. My Facebook wall has since erupted with angry...
  11. BlackTide

    Problem connecting to some servers and finding them.

    I've had the problem that when I search for servers I don't get all of them or some of the ones I want and so I refresh,refresh,refresh and refresh over and over again and sometimes the server I want appears and others times it doesn't. When the server I want appears (usually the 22nd servers)...
  12. BlackTide

    [BrC] The Brethren Crusaders

                                                  The Brethren Crusaders  Clan name – The Brethren Crusaders Clan Tag – BrC Websites - Our Forum, The Main Website Competitive – Yes Active –Yes We are a clan based in the US that accepts players from all around the world so along as they speak...
  13. BlackTide


    My clan has been discussing the usage of Khergits in their clan battles would you find it noobish if someone chose a team of Khergits for battles?