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    据点忠诚度与安全度的数值调整测试告知 官方做了详细的图表统计了旧数值和新的数值调整后的差异,官方表示如有异议和疑问请及时于原帖回复,希望能看到大家的意见
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    在多人游戏中使用环绕声来增强你的竞争力(Use 3D Spatial Audio perform better in Multiplayer competition)

    有一些玩家注意到了在游戏的音频设置中,比起战团*,Bannerlord多了一个环绕声(Surround)的选项。这就是本文章今日要讨论的重点。 时至今日仍然有很多亚洲的玩家并没有意识到声音在多人游戏竞技中能带来的意义,很多玩家会说?“哦?我觉得一副贵的游戏耳机就能让我更好地去听声辨位啊?”,这其实是模糊的,今天我们要说说原理。 事实上,大部分在市面上所出售的游戏耳机,几乎无一例外的都是立体声耳机。标准的立体声,只有两个扬声器,即左右各一个。 在实际的游戏过程中,无论大家是否选择开启环绕声或者是立体声选项,物理意义上都不会让你的立体声耳机变成一个能够发出多声道的设备。 In...
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    Ea版 1.5.4 中文更新日志

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    战团现已进入微软XGP PC阵容(Warband now officially joined Xbox game pass for PC)

    继之前加入主机&安卓XGP,现在也正式登陆PC。目前玩家们可以在电脑,安卓手机(xCloud)和XBOX主机上体验战团了。 听说Bannerlord(和主机版?)进入XGP也不远了 微软官宣的为Xbox Series X | S开发游戏的工作室列表中、TaleWorlds也显然在列。(TaleWorlds在最后一行,从右往左数第六个)
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    一等奖的电脑配置是:i7 10700K。Z490技嘉Gaming X主板,海盗船H100i水冷,500G 三星 970 EVO SSD,RTX2080 Super,16G DDR4 2666
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    【官方举办】Bannerlord创意大奖赛! 致以各位卡拉迪亚的勇士们 现在,你可能已经听说我们最近已经放出了Mod开发工具的首个版本。我们真的很期待大家能用Mod工具能被大家如何使用并被大家在Mod区和Mod Discord中已经创造出的东西所惊叹。 为了庆祝这座里程碑,以及表达我们为社区中大家和各位创意者对我们的游戏的支持,我们决定举办一场活动,并由我们的好朋友英特尔赞助了迷人的奖品。...
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    由Wicked Tavern Fanatics制作的竞技场地图,几乎保持了对老竞技场的1:1复刻,有兴趣的玩家可以去了解下。
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    I uninstalled Bannerlord today.

    Welcome to the party.
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    Stop Raging At Clans For Playing In Groups - They Aren't The Problem

    I respect that. Keeping new blood flood in is most important to the multiplayer community, or BL will be a dying game. How do we keep new players away from suffering insult and troll by some experienced toxic players is hard. I am looking forward to TaleWorlds release their in-game voice chat as...
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    Stop Raging At Clans For Playing In Groups - They Aren't The Problem

    I think so. Party up or quit, it is extremely unfriendly for the new players.
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    Now that Modding Tools are Released, What will you be Making?

    Many people are waiting or working for porn mod obviously, but they won't say that in public.
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    Issues with Game Launch

    Maybe this thread, which was written by the TaleWorlds Employee, can help you.
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    We! The followers in the name of the powers of Soon!!

    Hello, Dr.Shinobi, our shepherd. I find there are some sheep who lost their way in finding the path into the customized servers. Help them, Dr.Shinobi. Shield them from sorrow From the fear of tomorrow
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    Release the Server Files

    Maybe Dr.Shinobi and his cult will help you find out the release date.
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    Xbox Series X

    So, Bannerlord console version confirmed? Or maybe it will join the Xbox Game pass? Wow, amazing.
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    HOLY JESUS modding tools beta

    We have to thank Dr.Shinobi's cult and his followers' work.
  19. Shiroin Release?

    A DRM-free version Bannerlord?
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    Need More Info Cannot launch game in Multiplayer

    Hello, partner. Can you offer any screenshots or video captures to help us recognize the issue? Is everything works fine, but only multiplayer has issues? Did you try anything like VPN to play multiplayer? If you didn't, you might take a try on it.