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  1. Moton

    What happened to Co-op?

    So what, it's the same in Minecraft wich is a huge multiplayer game. That's a tiny problem.
  2. Moton

    Implement a Block Stamina

    This is a terrible idea. Why should some classes have no chanse against others for no other reason than game mechanics? If a peasent player is good enough he should be able to kill the whole enemy 2 hander team.
  3. Moton

    Write in lobby

    Can you please add a function so that we can write to the people in the lobby screen where you wait for game? You can write and the chattbox appears but no one can see what you say.
  4. Moton

    PVP is zero-sum game

    Okay then! :D
  5. Moton

    PVP is zero-sum game

    Look I'm not saying that it wouldn't be nice with custom servers but Callum have already said that it is not as easy to just release it and it needs alot of work. So why not work with what we have? Or are you guys simply gonna talk about it over and over and over again for another 6 months? :D
  6. Moton

    PVP is zero-sum game

    Okay but the fact that the community want custom servers have been said since the beginning and Callum have made statements about it many times before. Why do we keep talking about the same things all the time? Don't you think it would be more productive to talk about other solutions for now...
  7. Moton

    PVP is zero-sum game

    Depends on who you're asking I guess, it's pretty subjective what people want and do not want. But progression is generally good in any type of game. No matter what new players dont want to get crushed every game so they stop playing wich is totally understandable and singleplayer cant really...
  8. Moton

    How do i barter with companion parties?

    Yeah the amount of things you can actually do with your companion parties is ridiculous. You should be able to command them and also as you say give them items, food or money. I also think that you should be able to control wages to parties and they will grow and act accordingly, with some...
  9. Moton

    PVP is zero-sum game

    I feel like it has alot to do with progression. You dont actually get anything and you're not feeling like you're progressing, I mean it's not rare that I at level 130 go against people who play for the first time and that's not fun for anyone especially the new guy who gets totally stomped to...
  10. Moton

    Mods vs Patches, we have to choose.

    Wait what!? Are you saying that you think they should leave EA and release the game!? Plz remove this thread and dont give anyone at TW any ideas. I personaly hope the game stays in EA longer then they first had planned. I mean you can simply chose to stay on a older version of the game, you...
  11. Moton

    Stupid, stupid AI

    Yeah one would think. But then again, just because you know their exact number maybe doesent mean that they do. It's the same when one of your castles is under siege, you dont actually know how many they are and if the castle have fallen that army will be alot harder to deal with. But then...
  12. Moton

    I thought cavalry would be the natural counter to archers.

    Yeah it is indeed a hard one. Is it the beta branch you'r refering to when you say that archers are to OP? 1.5.5?
  13. Moton

    I thought cavalry would be the natural counter to archers.

    The thing is that Cav is not supposed to automatically be able to kill archers. What are archers supposed to do if the fastest unit i the game (By a long shot) means death for him? That's not balance at all. If a cav player is smart and good he can still kill a archer but that needs skill, just...
  14. Moton

    Do Formations Really Make a Significant Difference for You?

    If you play on realistic difficulty and outnumbered it can make differense if you do it right vs different factions and enemy types. Not a huge differense but some times enough.
  15. Moton

    Minimap - would you want one in Bannerlord?

    In singleplayer if you can toggle it off, sure. In multiplayer? Noway hosay.
  16. Moton

    I thought cavalry would be the natural counter to archers.

    Cav is 100% supposed to be a support unit and not killing machines. There are some cav types better suited for killing enemy cav but other than that they should just support the infantary.
  17. Moton

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    We will see. There are usually tons of refunds during EA releases. And I dont think there was around 100k Beta testers:D more a couple of thousand tops. But we'll see! Haha yes I understood it was a joke, even tho it doesent seem like it:D
  18. Moton

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    I suspect that there will be a new influx of players on the full release. Also there shouldn't be to many beta players. I think Beta should get one and EA should get one and those who played both should get both.
  19. Moton

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    Understandable. Just something you guys can think about if we get there ;)