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  1. Kazupa

    Next tournament nation-based?

    8v8 too outdated tournament mode, other projects have been using the system for 5v5 a long time. Also in this case the "div" system will remain in 5v5, and there will also be more different teams... (maybe xd)
  2. Kazupa

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Name: KEKW Nationality: KEKW Steam: Preferred Class: KEKW
  3. Kazupa

    [W6C] Warband 6-aSide Cup Sign-Up Thread [Groups Announced]

    Team Banner: Team name: relegioznyye fanatiki Team Tag: fanatik_ Contact 1: Kazupa <<< - Contact 2 : Name - TW profile - Steam Roster:
  4. Kazupa

    [WNL8] Statistics

    This is complete nonsense... What is the difference "div A" and "div B" In "Div A" the best players are playing at the moment, and it’s not that it’s easier to kill in the "div B" It just proves that there are too many overrated players in the "div A". Those who are in the "div A" Those players...
  5. Kazupa

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    If I had problems with the provider it would be on all servers. I have no problems with the Internet and never had them... When my internet is heavily loaded, all servers are lagging, this is the case when I have 20-30 tabs open on the Internet.
  6. Kazupa

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Who can explain to me what this **** is? I don't care about ping, but this is too suspicious... It began to happen too often. And only on servers WBMM.
  7. Kazupa

    [WNL8] Free Agents

    remove me from free agents
  8. Kazupa

    [WNL8] Free Agents

    Name: potatomen TaleWorlds: <== Steam: Preferred Class: infantryman
  9. Kazupa

    Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    Table updated The last week. 20.11.19 - 24.11.19
  10. Kazupa

    Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    yes i was wrong, sorry i will fix  :facepalm:
  11. Kazupa

    [TWC] Free Agents Listing

    scarta too
  12. Kazupa

    [WLC] First ~ Warband Latin American Cup - Sign Ups

  13. Kazupa

    Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    Crizanex 4 - 10 Biba&Boba&Groot New week: 12.11.19 - 19.11.19
  14. Kazupa

    Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    Push 10 - 7 eSz
  15. Kazupa

    Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    Table updated, Monday is the last day. (But, Please post more information or screenshots)
  16. Kazupa

    Tournament Hammers 3vs3 (Started)

    Сlosed First week: 04.11.19 - 10.11.19