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  1. Futui

    [SP/MP] Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project] |CIS version|

    ╬════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╬ Sword & Musket - это активно развивающийся мод в Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, который будет включать в себя однопользовательскую компанию и многопользовательский режим. Развитие событий начинается с...
  2. Futui

    Solved Can't join to any multiplayer game. |Couldn't join custom game|

    I can't join any multiplayer game about 2 month, on different versions. Never used mods for multiplayer, only for single player, but game was re-installed and all files cleared a few times. I have only 1 game mode in "custom game"- Team Deathmatch with "Auto find game button", with out any...
  3. Futui

    Сообщество серверов Анархии

    Доброго времени суток, приглашаем присоединиться к молодому сообществу серверов Анархии уже сейчас. ╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╬ На данный момент открылся набор в команду сообщества. Мы ищем: ►►Модерация - лицо наших серверов, люди...
  4. Futui

    SP Other Any interesting projects looking for mapmakers?

    I am looking for interesting projects for cooperation, I offer the services of a mapmaker. My specialization is maps for multiplayer, but I have experience and interest in creating maps for singleplayer mods too. Warband experience: - Napoleonic wars - many popular and not so public servers had...
  5. Futui

    Suggestion - Add chat wheel (sound + messages)

    Exemplary mechanics: all players after 20 game wins will unlock first 2 war cries (laugh and usual cry as example). Then, when they have 50 wins, they unlock 2 more cries (war cry and "Yeah, that's me" for example). After 100 wins players will unlock more interesting and rare sounds ("I will...
  6. Futui

    Tournaments bets are broken and pointless, after last update

    After last patch, tournament maximum bet amount was reduced from 300 to 150. Bets now absolutely useless. First round bet, placed 150, win - 180 (+30), second round placed 150, win 160 (+10). Round 3 and 4 - placed 150, win 150. Total bet 600, total win 640... In previous patch total bet 1200...
  7. Futui

    BL Scening When Map editor will be added?

    When Map editor will be added? Players and mappers, who will host public servers need it before patch, where public servers will be realised.
  8. Futui

    Создание карт

    Есть информация по созданию карт для мультиплеера? Насколько сильно изменяют редактор, меши, осталась ли земля треугольной, наезжают ли текстуры покрытия?