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  1. hoboistice

    [Submod] Halfsword+Mordhau+Handgun

    So I made this ages ago, but I never updated it. Recently just updated it to the latest version and polished it up, just a small submod:
  2. hoboistice

    Hands falling off

    When troops die their right hand comes off, sometimes the left. I've installed a separate copy of Warband and VC, new savegame, new rgl_config, and it still happens. rgl_log: Is there a fix for this at all?
  3. hoboistice

    Hands falling off

    Anybody noticed the right hand of unconscious/dead troops falls off? Trying to find a way to stop it from happening. Turning gore off doesn't affect it but turning ragdolls off stops it from happening, though I'd like to find out in source what's causing it. Edit: It does actually happen with...
  4. hoboistice

    Battle size

    Any idea where battle size is changed in modsys? For example, Viking Conquest has a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 750 troops. There's a module.ini setting for battle size but I think it's only a display setting, it doesn't actually change the min and max.
  5. hoboistice

    More attack slots

    Is it possible to add more attacks, or is it hardcoded? Since you can add more animations I wasn't sure if you can actually add more attacks or not. By attack slots I mean itcf capabilities that you use for attacks, ie itcf_overswing_onehanded
  6. hoboistice

    Laser accuracy for defenders

    Is there any way to disable this? It's pretty awful that every defender with a ranged weapon now has pinpoint accuracy in sieges, even when you're defending since it just makes defense way too easy. I understand that defenders are inherently at a disadvantage in M&B, but infinite ammo and the...
  7. hoboistice

    OSP Code Combat [SP] Weapon Head flipping

    I've been looking for head flipping/swapping for Warband for a while, and managed to find a way to do it through WSE. Similar to Somebody's Alternate Weapon Modes but more lightweight, this mod adds head flipping to Warband. This does require WSE (included in the files) in order to work. The...
  8. hoboistice

    [SUBMOD] [already included] Overhead stabbing, crouching, new formation options

    Edit: Almost everything from the old submod was implemented to PoP, this is just the stuff that didn't make it in. I've had this in my signature for a while and since submods seem to have their own threads, I thought I'd...
  9. hoboistice

    B Tutorial Other Adding things such as overhead stab, crouching, extra formations options.

    So I wasn't sure where to put this but there's a number of mechanics you can implement to almost any mod that I haven't seen on the vast majority of mods. Overhead stabbing (2h) What is overhead stabbing? If you've played Napoleonic Wars, With Fire and Sword, or Viking Conquest you'll know you...
  10. hoboistice

    Bronze age halberds?

    After watching this video: I thought would this be fitting for a Warband mod? And while I know Lindybeige isn't the end-all be-all for historical knowledge, and this takes place slightly after the bronze age, I couldn't help feel that this bronze age...
  11. hoboistice

    Upstab, upthrust, crouching, basic formations in native?

    So how come these aren't implemented into Native? Upstab/upthrust greatly improves spear viability, crouching is always handy in sieges and it lets you brace pikes, and a lightweight formations system may as well be turned on by default. All of these are actually in native Warband but they...
  12. hoboistice

    How to make upstab aimable

    So I noticed by default in Viking Conquest, you can't aim the upstab direction for some reason. You can edit it to make it aimable by doing the following: 1. Open actions.txt (preferably with Notepad++, notepad is crap in comparison) 2. Cntrl + f overswing_spear 3. You'll see all this, but...
  13. hoboistice

    Dark Hunter and Eye-popping

    Noticed these two bows in the item_kinds1, are they implemented in game or just holdovers from Brytenwalda?
  14. hoboistice


    So how come we haven't got any in VC? They're dated less than 100 years prior to Viking Conquest and there's evidence they were found in England, so how come we haven't got any franciscas or even any sort of throwing axes in Viking Conquest?
  15. hoboistice

    Unlock the upstab

    Could you guys unlock the upstab for Reforged? It makes it a massive pain to use spears when stabbing up because you can't aim in the Y plane. I made a post on how to fix it here:,326030.msg7853838.html#msg7853838 as you can see it's pretty easy...
  16. hoboistice

    Veil hats

    The veil helmets (items 435-444, the arabic looking ones) need to be rigged meshes, they've got some horrible clipping otherwise.
  17. hoboistice

    Item flags list?

    Does anybody know of a list which shows every item flag and what it does? There are some flags which are obvious (1h, 2h, etc) others which I've figured out myself (offset musket) and others that I have no clue what they do (is pike). Is there any post which details what all of the flags do?
  18. hoboistice

    Figured out the cause of the never firing slings!

    It turns out that the code in the animations.txt used for making the slings spin is causing them to only randomly fire. If you disable this slings will work perfectly. Also of note, people didn't spin slings or fustbalis' to fire them, they held them behind and "slung" them in an arc, much like...
  19. hoboistice

    ~120 extra random item entries?

    If you open morgh's editor and scroll to the bottom, you'll notice there's around 120 extra items all of the VC weapons but with noswing on them. I remembering seeing them in Brytenwalda as well, but I have no clue as to what they do. Anybody got any idea?
  20. hoboistice

    Axes are now xbox huge!

    Why did you guys make the axes about 50% bigger? They look silly.