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  1. lconracl

    Bannerlord Barracks Data Viewer [2020.08.11 -]

    Work in progress. Application to: - view troops, items and crafting pieces in a table format (easier to compare), - view average head, body, arms and legs armour values for all troops, - export tables in a CSV format. Tested with vanilla game version e.1.4.3. Nexus download link
  2. lconracl

    In Progress [e.1.4.3] Various small bugs

    I will post all my finding in this one post. - sturgian_grip_17 - length="50" should be rather length="30" - empire_guard_1 - typo as this is the only item with two entries <BuildData top_diff="0.5" /> - khuzait_lancer has double "Body" slots in his equipment sets - leg_armors.xml - there are...
  3. lconracl

    [e1.0.9] Oil reduces Food Variety bonus

    Adding Oil reduces Food Variety bonus. Playing the same game since e1.0.2. In the older patches Oil shows as "consumable", but not any more. In the spitems.xml is still flagged as IsFood="true"
  4. lconracl

    Solved Trade XP lost after game reload.

    Trade XP for items in player inventory is not stored in the savegame. Buy item cheaply -> sell it where it is expensive -> trade xp increases. Buy item cheaply -> reload savegame -> sell it where it is expensive -> trade xp NOT increases. Player who roleplaying as a merchant is forced to...
  5. lconracl

    Re: Companions throw away their armor in the loot pool, character lost hair

    Do lords looks normal? If they look strange, your save may be corrupted.
  6. lconracl

    Problem with vertex animation (few black vertices) sorted

    Hello, I would like to ask, if someone else had similar issue, when tried to combine male & female armour meshes into vertex animation. Both male and female meshes looks good in OpeBRF. But after merging them, there is a problem only with female frame (male part is ok): few vertices turned...
  7. lconracl

    OSP Fantasy 3D Art Pegasus Armory [v1.08 11.04.2015]

    "Pegasus Armory" version 1.08 Pack of fantasy inspired weapons (in the Game): Item Mesh Faces Length Type One_Handed_War_Axepa_axe_01372901h axe Ornate_Duble_Axepa_axe_024481002h axe...
  8. lconracl

    MB Barracks Editor Package [v2.46 25.03.2015]

    "Mount and Blade Barracks Editor"                  version 2.46 Standalone editor and Microsoft Excel based applications which allows user to edit TXT files from MB1011, MB 'Warband', 'With Fire and Sword' and 'Napoleonic Wars' (mods or latest natives). It should work with "Viking Conquest" as...