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  1. Jec94227

    The Best, the Brightest, and the Rest- an X-Com interactive AAR

    Brave citizens of Earth! We have come under threat from the least expected direction- up! Now, I know there have been some problems with everyone in the world co-operating, but this new and dangerous incursion has encouraged everyone to work together, and save humanity from this alien menace...
  2. Jec94227

    JecNES proposal

    Alright, so I know that my past two NES's ended rather badly. I'd like to apologise for that, just in case I haven't done so yet. I realsie that trying to form yet another NES is akin to the boy who cried wolf, but I have an idea and I'd like to see what you thought of it before spending the...
  3. Jec94227

    Describe your last sexual experience with a Song Title

    So I saw the movie one but I don't watch all that many movies and couldn't participate. On the other hand, I do listen to quite a few songs, so I figured what the hell. She's only 17
  4. Jec94227

    Adventures in Hinterland! A collection of AARs

    Hinterlands AAR. Alright, so I have this amusing little game called Hinterlands. Kind of a Diablo clone, mouse is used for everything, but I like it, since you run a frontier outpost for a king who is mildly retarded, and if you’re really lucky you start with Giants or Minotaurs for neighbours...
  5. Jec94227

    JecNES MkII: The Changed World

    Okay, time for round two. Pleas wait until I say you can post to do so, since I might need a few posts for info. Map of Europe will be used (Total war sized map I guess) 2 turns per year, campaign season and winter. Campaign season is when weather is viable for military actions, winter is when...
  6. Jec94227

    Why I hate Prophecy of Pendor

    SO I started playing this a bit in Mount and Blade, and saw a few months ago that it had been ported to Warband. So I figure I'll give it a try. And so, without further ado here's my reasons to hate it. Vicky. I simply cannot go back a a different mod or Native, ever agin because of Vicky. She...
  7. Jec94227

    Mercenary RP

    The land of Hibara is far from united. The five great states are constantly vying for superiority, though there has been no major conflict for two generations now. Still, this is probably more due to the fact that the last war killed so many people, and the nationsa re only just now regaining...
  8. Jec94227

    Mercenary RP discussion

    Alright, I've gotten a relatively easy semester coming up, so I suppose that I can run this and the NES without making my head explode. First of all I want to know what you guys are interested in playing. Setting, era, things like that. My choice would be a low-fantasy medieval deal, but if you...
  9. Jec94227

    JecNES- The Change Years *Turn 7* Overveiw: This is a good chance for you to play out all those fantasies you have about ruling a medieval nation in the modern world. Wanna have Mongol Horse Archers running amok in England? How about basing your own nation around Rome? This is your chance...
  10. Jec94227

    NES help

    So, I am in need of help in running a NES. Most importantly, what does NES satnd for (if anything), advice on how to run the game and etc;. I have already picked out a theme (based on the Emberverse series) and a place (Southern Ontario) and sort of have a basic idea on how things will go...
  11. Jec94227

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I have warband 1.132 on Steam. For some reason or another mods do not like to be installed. I've tried downloading Brytenwalda several times and it will not come up on the mod menu when selecting the game.
  12. Jec94227

    It's War!!

    So my buddy showed this to me a few days ago: I haven't watched the whole thing but I found the parts I did watch quite amusing.
  13. Jec94227

    World War Z

    So yeah. Great book and all,  loved it, but then I found an interesting detail in one of those movie theater magazines, just after an article on how Matt Daemon is 40 years old(Two pages of article about a birthday, ffs) They are making a movie. Starring Brad Pitt.
  14. Jec94227

    The Expendables

    So I just saw it, and all I can say is *ahem* **** yes. It was good, very good in my humble opinion. The action was solid, acting and plot were both good and easy to follow respectively, and the constant in-jokes about the past movies/real life events are pretty funny. However, this question...
  15. Jec94227

    Mount and Blade AAR

    Alright, I have recently downloaded Prophecy of Pendor 3.0, and after mucking about for about an 2 hours, I am impressed. So impressed in fact, that i have decided to write an AAr of my attempt to fulfill the prophcey. This is my third time playing the game, the first two characters I just used...
  16. Jec94227

    Guess the movie

    Okay couldn't find something like this so here goes. Give a quote or picture from a movie and the rest of us will guess it. Winner gets to choose the next quote or pic. I'll start with something I've seen in Bio closs. "There's Always time for Lube"
  17. Jec94227

    Europa 1400

    Aka: The Guild 1 It's a game where you create a dynasty in the middle ages, running a business that you must micromanage so that the materials get to your shops on time in order for your workers to build your products. You are also in competion with up to 8 other dynasties as well as local...
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    So I'll be trying out for the part of Billy Flynn on Sunday at 9:40 MTZ. Really excited especially since this is the first actual part(non-school related) I'm trying out for. Gonna rent the movie on thursday and watch it with some of my friends from my Drama class who are also auditioning for a...
  19. Jec94227

    Colony RP discussion/idea's tread

    So following the advice given in the RP idea's thread, here is the separate thread to discuss the fine details (RE: Everything, as the canvas is quite blank at the moment) for how the game will go. Things like setting, time period, and available equipment, and come up with the sort of challages...
  20. Jec94227

    Iron Man 2 So any thoughts?