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  1. Corndawg

    Solved [e1.0.1] Siege Assault Crash

    I've been having a consistent problem where starting a siege assault with an army I'm leading causes the game to freeze and crash. This includes both leading the troops myself and sending troops into battle. This seems to only happen when I try to lead an assault against a settlement where I've...
  2. Corndawg

    Mafia III - Release Date: October 7, 2016

    It was confirmed last year, but 2K just released a trailer and other info. Release Date: October 7, 2016 Vito Scaletta will be returning as an ally as well.
  3. Corndawg

    [Adventure Net] The Road to Rulership

    Greetings, traveler, and welcome to Adventure Net! I will be your guide, spinning the tales of your journeys as you hand me the basics. I do, however, have a few rules we should go over first. Rules All instructions should be formatted in CAPITAL LETTERS You may add onto instructions that have...
  4. Corndawg

    Corndawg Does Gameplay

    So since I have a shiny new desktop that I built and the sleep schedule that comes with college, I've decided to make gameplay videos (no commentary for now) of various games. The only thing is that I need suggestions for what to play and put up. If anyone has suggestions, that'd be fantastic...
  5. Corndawg

    Live Theatre

    So I searched and found one topic related to this, but it was from 2010 and poorly titled. Thus, I decided to start a new topic about the glorious world of live theatre! I myself am an actor and love the art so much and I just want to be able to discuss and share experiences from the theatre...
  6. Corndawg

    Blue Screen/Crashes

    Hey folks, I've been having difficulties today with my computer as it's started randomly crashing. It began when I was installing Guild Wars 2 and then a Flash Update popped up. I, likely stupidly, pressed the button to have it begin installation. After a few minutes of the two simultaneously...
  7. Corndawg

    Off to London

    Hallo all. It's been way too long since I've been on TW and I missed you all, but life tends to get in the way nowadays. That's not the point of this post though. You see, on Saturday I'll be boarding a plane to Heathrow to spend a week in London. I'll be going on excursions with my Drama...
  8. Corndawg

    Corndawg Tries to Livestream!

    You didn't see anything.
  9. Corndawg

    Screenshot Contest Voting - Week Four - Conquest

    The topic was Conquest. First off, we have an honorable mention. Majhudeen Stronghold Crusader Now for the actual submissions... EDIT: Fixed a slight spoiler problem. BigMac Napoleon: Total War Archonsod Settlers VII Rahn Medieval II: Total War Tiberius Decimus Maximus Men of War (Vanilla)...
  10. Corndawg


    I'm a member of my school's DECA program. I'm going to my state competition in a few days, and I was curious as to who had heard of it/was a part of it. Who knows, some people might go to Nationals this year and, provided I make it as well, we could all meet each other possibly. It's a nice...
  11. Corndawg

    Need Some Opinions

    Hallo lads and lasses. I've certainly missed a fair bit these past few weeks, but I've found a life and have been using it often now. Anyway, I'm writing an article on what European students ages 13-18 think of American high school students like me. It can be education, sports, or social...
  12. Corndawg

    Photo Contest: America; Need Lots of Votes, Many Pictures

    This week's topic is America, be it North America the continent, the country, etc. Just thought I'd say that this is one of the greatest amount of pictures in the contest, I'm proud of you guys. Lord Burgess1 ComingWinter DameGreyWulf Folthrik Tiberius Decimus Maximus Xlacier mfberg...
  13. Corndawg

    Photo Contest: Proportions

    ****, I've been busy all day. Sorry for forgetting. Topic is Proportions. Lord Burgess1 Hegnist Amroth
  14. Corndawg

    Good Laptops?

    So I have this friend that I met on the cruise I took not long ago, and he's trying to find a good laptop. I'm not good at finding laptops tailored for any purpose, be it specific or general, but I know you guys are pretty damn good. I asked him a few questions and this is what he told me. So...
  15. Corndawg

    Photo Contest: Faces

    This week's topic is Faces. Edit: Screwed up on the poll, one moment please. Edit2: Fixed the poll. Lord Burgess1 Adorno Facemelter J Bulle
  16. Corndawg

    Photo Contest: Continuity

    ****, sorry for forgetting about this. Topic is Continuity. Lord Burgess1 J Adorno Hengist
  17. Corndawg

    Photo Contest: Focus

    The topic is Focus. Get voting. Lord Burgess1 Folthrik Amroth Adorno Hengist
  18. Corndawg

    Photo Contest: Paper

    Voting time. Topic is Paper. Adorno J galactic bum Vote!
  19. Corndawg

    Photo Contest: Voting

    Since our oh so lovely host is missing.... Edit: Since Sushiman is blind, the topic is Silhouettes. Lord Burgess1 Magorian Aximand mfberg Xlacier Tibertus Hengist galactic bum