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  1. thick1988

    Collection of Suggestions After a 24 year campaign.

    As I've been playing on 1.4.0 some of this stuff may already be patched in, but I have read the patch notes and removed anything that seems like it has. Changes/Features I'd Like to See Reinforcements during a battle should arrive outside of the Red Boundary, and then make their way into the...
  2. thick1988

    Max Sound Channels

    I've been looking for a way to resolve the issue of limited sound channels on Warband, basically that issue where you're in a big battle or siege, and even though you're maybe 10 feet from the fighting, all you hear is footsteps and yells from soldiers. Is there any way to increase the maximum...
  3. thick1988

    Object Shows Black w/Bumpmap, DXT1

    Hello, Longtime modder and very familiar with DDS Converter, GIMP, OpenBRF, etc. I've been making models and textures for years for this game, but I've recently come across a problem and I've tried everything I can think of. I've retextured the great_helm_new from the Native game, including...
  4. thick1988

    Floris w/o new items.

    I've been looking at the available versions of Floris, I like the new gameplay features it compiles. But I don't really want all the items. Is there a version which offers scripts and gameplay changes without all the new items and textures?
  5. thick1988

    Model Previews

    This is a thread where I will post some previews of models being made for Defenders/Invaders. Kingdom of Bretonnia Men at Arms and Archers will be included as well. More Previews Moddb Images: Note: Thread is now used for...
  6. thick1988

    Boot item visible through armor

    I can't figure out why this is happening, search didn't turn up any results so I'm asking here. Here's the python item code, if that helps: ["hammerite_boots", "Hammerite Greaves", [("hammerite_boots",0)], itp_type_foot_armor  | itp_attach_armature,0, 501 ...
  7. thick1988

    Floor in Animation Tab

    Any way to disable the floor grid in Animation view like you can in Mesh view mode?
  8. thick1988

    Rorschach Inkblot Thread

    WHAT DIS? The Rorschach test also known as the Rorschach inkblot test, the Rorschach technique, or simply the inkblot test) is a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both. Some...
  9. thick1988

    head rotation/weapon carry location question

    Weird question. So I'm working on trying to implement a helmet known as a Great Bascinet which would be attached to the shoulders via rivets or some sort of fasteners. The wearers head wouldn't really be able to rotate much apart from rotating in the helmet itself. When I try to do this on my...
  10. thick1988

    Extend Poll Close Date

    I couldn't find any threads on this: Is there a way to extend voting on a poll after the date for closure has been reached? Thanks
  11. thick1988

    [OSP][Item] Visored Sugarloaf

    I made this helmet to fulfill a request from a fellow forumite. I figured I'd make it available to anyone. It's inspired by the sugarloaf helm in MTW2. Download Here
  12. thick1988

    Browsers not showing active downloads/progress of downloads

    Over the past 2 weeks my normal browsers, Firefox and Chrome have totally stopped showing the "Open" or "Save" option when initializing a download. As well as any progress or active downloads notifications. If I leave the browser open, eventually I get a pop up saying the download is complete...
  13. thick1988

    Making troops use a certain uniform

    Apart from limiting a troop to a single boot, glove, armor, and helm/hat in their inventory, is there a way to make it so that they will use specific items in a group as opposed to choosing from the pool randomly? Alternately could you string together items like this uniform.1...
  14. thick1988

    US Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on it's citizens

    A government that justifies drone killings of it's own citizens can justify anything. The fact that the US government likes to condemn other governments for killing it's citizens it deems "terrorists" cough*Syria*cough is just more hypocrisy piled onto this heap of garbage. MSNBC Report ABC...
  15. thick1988

    LSP Medieval 2D Art The Historic Lords Project (Volume 2 Released)

    What's this? Historic Lords Project is the realization of a side project of mine lately in which I find images (contemporary of modern) of real lords from the medieval period and recreate their armor, weapons, etc. This is an ongoing project and I plan on releasing it as an OSP pack for users to...
  16. thick1988


    ^^^ Im trying to implement these onto an armor mesh, however during animations it morphs beyond all recognition and in a normal standing position bends around to conform to the shoulders which isn't something I'd like. I know on Narf's Transitional Early Plate armor, he has some metal shoulder...
  17. thick1988

    OSP 2D Art Banner Template

    OSP Banner Template This is an OSP Banner Template psd file that allows you to easily recolor and add heraldic charges on top of the templates provided. Originally I was using this for my own mod, Swadian Interregnum, but felt that I'd throw it out here for others. It's meant to give banner...
  18. thick1988

    Making battles near villages take place in village Scene?

    This was in the Q&A thread but I had no bites so I'm posting here to see if any others know. "Awhile back I was messing around in Morgh's and was somehow able to make it to where when two parties fought a battle in the vacinity of a village, the villagers joined the side of one of the parties...
  19. thick1988

    Copying Scenes to other Villages/Towns/Etc

    Is it as simple as copying and pasting the SceneOBJ files and renaming them to overwrite the existing scene? Basically I'm just wanting to get a base village setup and then replicate it across others. Thanks,
  20. thick1988

    Zooming Out Campaign Map