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  1. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    Don't trust wiki ;) There is a lot wrong on that wiki page.
  2. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    NPC's get gold to recruit/train troops for their walled centers. PC's (you) need to do that by yourself.
  3. Nederlandse 2e kamer partij voor oa. studenten?

    iCock en rams, ga dat ff per PM met elkaar bespreken, wat een kinderachtige posts zijn dat hier toch. Daarentegen, serieus, kan me in wat jullie beiden zeggen wel en niet vinden. Heb een hele tijd in de niet-beste buurten van Rotterdam geleefd en gewoond. De autochtonen die daar wonen zijn...
  4. Nederlandse 2e kamer partij voor oa. studenten?

    Lol:"Flink scheren in defensie, zeker internationale projecten worden bezuinigd. JSF en aghanistan? Niks ervan!" Momenteel de 4e/5e twit/tweet... whatever. Iemand die de PR doet bij een bedrijf, of PO is een stuk belangrijker, en dus onmisbaar voor langer dan een...
  5. Nederlandse 2e kamer partij voor oa. studenten?

    Kabinet lijkt eruit te zijn, minderheidskabinet van PVV met CDA/VVD voor gedoogdsteun (want laten we eerlijk zijn, daar komt het wel op neer). Denk dat een studentenpartij zich ook niet zo zou moeten uitdragen. Maar goed inspelen wat er op de "markt" van politieke wensen "gevraagd" wordt. Even...
  6. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    There is also a chance he escapes. But someone will make an offer otherwise.
  7. TweakMB (With Fire & Sword support!) [v5.09; updated 12.29.13]

    This happens, and is explained within TweakMB itself, you have to start with a fresh/clean install. With some luck Kefka will update shortly, as always.
  8. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    Cleave=slashing I take it? And some other stuff:
  9. What numbers are good?

    Renown, for 25 you get 1 party size, and this also increases chances of getting fiefs. Try to get this to at least 1k. RtR, if you got say 60, you're ready to start a kingdom (if you got all other factors right as well;)). Honour, per 3 you get +1 relation with honourable lords. So getting about...
  10. [S] El Arte de la Guerra [V1.75]

    Kudos for the fast responses! Found this mod in his credits list, and ended up finding Dhirim changed here. So just reporting it. I've pm'ed Monnikje about this. He will probably check here occasionally for fixes/feedback. P.S. Great town/castle's so far :)
  11. [S] El Arte de la Guerra [V1.75]

    I died... ^^ So I had too enable cheats to knock them out :( Just 2 guys, vs over 1000 troops... and the battle got stuck xD Gonna keep the Floris mod pack creator updated about town fixes :P Thanks for the fast reply :)
  12. [S] El Arte de la Guerra [V1.75]

    Just sieged Dhirim, from this mod in the Floris Mod Pack. I have 2 conclusions at this siege. 1) Battle continuation needs a key (say 'esc') to retreat, just like regular dying does. 2) There is a spawning area which cannot be reached easily, and not at all if units drop. Global [email protected]
  13. About training...

    It would be neat if you would write out more of whatever you're trying to accomplish with your thread...
  14. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Is there a scripting method available to increase(/decrease?) collision between npc troops. Meaning that they will not "merge" together, but that they each keep realistic distances from each other. A second question, is it possible to make 1 troop (say Swadian Knight) to count as 2 troops in...
  15. [S] Floris Mod Pack - v2.01 out now! - Old topic

    You can see, on the first page/post, what packs this mod contains. No katana's. It has a lot of stuff, but no katana's, east asia is not included. Please don't spam (and don't troll!) ... leave that for the offtopic threads.
  16. What the hell is up with the Sarranid tournaments?!

    Each city has it's unique weapon setup. Lance vs sword should always be easy, for the player vs couching. Got the sword? Drive him/her into a corner and keep your shield up. Got the lance? First attempt -> couch. After that, just attack the horse (can't shield that) while moving in a circle...
  17. [S] Floris Mod Pack - v2.01 out now! - Old topic

    I see you read a bit further, I indeed gave him the advice to take another mods files, and copy them there. Though I would no say it's a common problem, as you are the second person to have it. Maybe you both have somthing similar (mod/hardware/firewall/etc.) that creates this error. As far as I...
  18. [S] Floris Mod Pack - v2.01 out now! - Old topic

    And something I've noticed, which I've not seen before. During tournaments, some fighters get javelins. Especially, but not exclusively, when mounted they stick to the walls, do not use the weapon as throwing weapon. And when dismounted, they keep their shield up (IE way to high, think against...
  19. [S] Floris Mod Pack - v2.01 out now! - Old topic

    Oke, I stated a new 'problem'... I just sold myself as a mercenary, and got a mission from the king himself! Well, now for the dirty part. He wants me to take prisoners. And he wants 6 the same dudes, which means I need to find at least 4 parties. Why 4? Well, with this big troop tree, all...
  20. [S] Floris Mod Pack - v2.01 out now! - Old topic

    Mercenary Veteran Cavalry is set as infantry class... ^^ Gonna start a game and check all unit classes. Re; nevermind. You're gonna make a new troop tree anyway.