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  1. Mandible

    B Tutorial 2D PBR Workflow program overview (or: Can I do this for free?)

    There has been some talk about modeling workflows for Bannerlord. The PBR workflow is not the same as what some around here may be used to, and I've gone through a few different paths myself, so maybe I can share about things that have worked for me and might work for you. This is not a...
  2. Mandible

    Rise of the King [Kickstarter]

    I think this one looks pretty fun. Looks like a narrative focused single player hunting, surviving, exploring and mystery solving deal. Check it out on kickstarter. I backed it myself and would like to see it succeed =)
  3. Mandible

    OSP 3D Art Simple tunnels

    There was some interest in these tunnel props, so I'm making them available. Download link is here: And here is some video footage of an extra piece which adds a crevice.
  4. Mandible

    OSP 3D Art Mandible's Jolly Tavern OSP

    Here are some Tavern items for those who are interested. Included are: Large Cask of Ale Smaller Barrel Rum Jug Three different Tankards. All items use the same 512x512 texture. Diffuse, Normal and Specular included. Credit the use of aforementioned tavern items and have fun...
  5. Mandible


    Alright, I know a few people have been clamouring for these, so I gave them a shot. And of course, you can wear the fur without the head attached as well: I might have to redo the wolf fur, but on the whole, I think these are pretty awesome.
  6. Mandible


    Hoods! If you're interested, I can make versions with the hoods pulled up as well, but I'll need some help rigging them properly. EDIT: Now more period accurate! EDIT: Now with 80% more protection from rain! EDIT: Now featuring Rus needlework!
  7. Mandible

    Vertex Painting Tutorial

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of information about Vertex Painting on the forum yet, so I will post what I know here and hopefully some more knowledgeable people will lend their wisdom as well. Quickly, vertex painting is a way to add some variation to your model without changing the actual...
  8. Mandible

    SP Fantasy [W] Redwall: Vermin Resurgence [Dead]

    [EDIT] I am so sorry about all the images. Photobucket decided to revoke all external sharing, so all the images are dead. It makes me sad too, but I'm not going to hunt down and reupload every picture. The mod is dead, so there wouldn't be much point. Mossflower Country and the surrounding...