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  1. Upgradable Workshops

    Maybe I missed it but did TW ever said anything about the option to upgrade the workshops? Or is it one of the features which will get removed from the game?
  2. Marriage - please make it less "random"

    I´m trying to marry Phaea and I have 69 :wink: charm. So I pick an answer which has 84% success chance with no fail chance (at least the game shows it this way, if I understand it correct). 3 out 4 of traits are green, 1 is gray and it still fails (of course I save scumm this thing, but it...
  3. Feedback? LOL!

    Everyone knows that they don´t engage with their community. But I´m really interested to know if ANY SINGLE player/customer got a questionnaire? Please tell me, if you got one. I think this is just PR bull**** (like all of Callums repliest) and that they should remove it from their EA...
  4. Are you using mods?

    Are you using mods?
  5. Metal Spear! (all credits go to Sofa Beard)! This guy is awesome, there are also some shorther videos about Metal Spear on Reddit, check them out if you enjoy this...
  6. Should the leadership skill provide passive XP gain for troops?

    Should the leadership skill provide passive XP gain for troops? The higher your level of the skill, the higher the xp your troops gain.
  7. When will get more perks and when will the 1h/2h perk tree be fixed?

    You said you are overhauling the perks and we got two "new" trees after that (1h/2h). Both of them have issues if you reach a certain skill level (270+ if I remember correctly). So when are you going to fix 1h/2h and when can we expect new perk trees? Bonus question: And when will you finally...
  8. Do you believe the game will be finished in 10 months?

    Just curious what you think.
  9. Next patch notes will be something like

    Minor improvements: Trees now look better Clouds now look better Fian Champions now have 219 bow skill instead of 220 (they were too strong, so we adjusted them a little bit, just kidding, units stats doesn´t even matter) We turned down the music by 1% We looked at the perks, they still look...