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  1. Primi

    Combat complaints in Warband/Suggestions for Bannerlord

    He said multiple times that his suggestions are for the game that'll be from 2017. And I agree with him, would make sense for animations to show where your character is looking at.
  2. Primi

    Your first tournament?

    WNL1 as well, a match against Einherjar. (October 2012) They had silly names. No, my ping has not gotten better. Also, found this while digging around in WNL1. We had no idea
  3. Primi

    The Castellans [EU] Bucharest LAN Champions but also dead

    There are no lives (-lifes) on IG. I would've appreciated a siege reference here :fruity:
  4. Primi

    [IG] Guard of Istiniar - A clan for Mount&Blade Warband {Closed}

    Matches against you were always among of the best ones I've played. Was a great way to check if we'd improved at all. Sad to see you go
  5. Primi

    BRO_Warband Live Streams

    They are alright
  6. Primi

    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Fietta I think giving out punishments for the next ECS would be really strange, considering we don't even know if it's gonna happen and who would dare to admin it. Tq is still playing in ECL which is somewhat related to ECS already, punishing someone in ECL for ECS rulebreak would be less weird...
  7. Primi

    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Example: Nathasha joins FTW in ECS. Then Kattegat decides to join ECL as their own team. Would Nathasha be able to play in Kattegat as well as in FTW?
  8. Primi

    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Are people allowed to play in both ECS and ECL?
  9. Primi

    [ECS3] Qualifiers - Group C

    GG, you played well, we played bad. At least glad to see our friends in the tournament :)
  10. Primi

    [ECS3] Livestreams

    I think BRO is streaming that match already at:
  11. Primi

    The Betting Corner

    CCC 800 12-2
  12. Primi

    Teutonic Knights

    Good luck!
  13. Primi

    Native Groupfighting [Infantry - Melee Only]

    You missed an asterisk there and it made your post very hard to decrypt :P Yeah, we know Den is very casual and that's partially what makes it so fun :party:
  14. Primi

    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Only 7 maps announced so far, I assume they are gonna add a few more (WNL and NC2016 had 10). If not for qualifier but maybe for the main thing.
  15. Primi

    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    So I think talking about this anymore doesn't make sense. I hope the admins of future Mount&Blade(warband/bannerlord) tournaments will take some of these things suggested into their consideration. But for now, I'm sure this tournament will still be great with epic matches, the format doesn't...
  16. Primi

    [ECS3] Information & Qualifier Sign Ups

    A fair post Tardet, after all, it is 100% up to the admins to decide the format, the community appreciates your effort to organize this tournament. The only point I really disagreed on was this one: There are ways to make those unfair situations happen less and less by fine-tuning the system...
  17. Primi

    [ECS3] Information & Qualifier Sign Ups

    I really like Prusak's idea, it's a significantly better than the current plans. Taking invites back isn't as serious as it might sound, this isn't LAN invitational or anything, those teams are for sure ready and eager to fight. I hope admins seriously consider it or something similar...
  18. Primi

    [ECS3] Information & Qualifier Sign Ups

    Even if Tardet is doing his job as best as he can with the information he had at the time (I would be surprised if he didn't know of DNGR forming a lot earlier than us though), the problem still very much exists. My point is that the invite system doesn't work with these numbers (12 invited, 4...
  19. Primi

    [ECS3] Information & Qualifier Sign Ups

    Yes, the top teams will qualify, that's not the issue. The issue is that in my opinion the tournament shouldn't only be the best experience for those top 4-6 teams but rather for all the teams of the community to have a few good serious, "official" matches. And this format of the tournament is...
  20. Primi

    [ECS3] Information & Qualifier Sign Ups

    It's about the definition of fair and unfair. Personally I think putting 3 other teams into their qualifier group with no chance to advance is unfair.