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  1. ThaneWulfgharn

    [Full Suggestion] Eastern Religions Update

    I have posted a hint also on the Discord server for this update of the mod. Basically it implies replacing/remastering the current Ancient Greece theme with Hindu, Buddhist and Bon theme. This mainly because in these traditions "Fierce/Wrathful" Deities and Spirits can act as protectors of...
  2. ThaneWulfgharn

    Sonnet Silence meaning?

    I've followed this mod since in its earliest stages of development. It's title Solid and Shade, derived from Edgar Allan Poe's Sonnet Silence which you posted on the Necronomicon. I have read and re-read the poem many times. Yet I can not still understand clearly its meaning: "THERE are some...
  3. ThaneWulfgharn

    Any Shader like... ?

    Hello, I've seen many shader-mods but I would like to know if there is any reflection-mapping/ambient-occlusion shader that makes metal weapons/armors/helmets/boots/gloves look like this(Mod is Witchers' Silver Swords for Skyrim):
  4. ThaneWulfgharn

    Текст песни "Марыся"

    Может кто поможет мне найти текст этой песни? Мне очень нравится, но я не говорю на русском языке, и я не могу найти текст. Извините за плохой грамматики - я использую Google Translate
  5. ThaneWulfgharn

    ArmA III Servers?

    Hi, I just installed ArmA III and I want to connect multiplayer. However, the server list is pretty lame, most of them have 0 players and I can't join any server. Where to find decent join-able servers?
  6. ThaneWulfgharn

    Squad Leader Gamemode

    Hey, congrats on the version, I really like it. The Squad Leader is a great concept but I'm having a difficulty about it - can't get my men to attack. How to make them attack?
  7. ThaneWulfgharn

    Next Patch Request

    Hi, I've been playing NW for awhile and I noticed that it has some things a next patch may fix/add to make the game with more variety. I hope you support it. -New Factions: Poland, Spain, Swiss Confederation, Sweden and Ottoman Empire. For me they should also use uniforms from the various Skin...
  8. ThaneWulfgharn

    0.99 Z : serious TESTING

    December 2013 EDIT by Gabby <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Ok. Last Version 0.99 Z is out and playabe, as I hope U all know already.  :twisted: I changed a lot, really a huge lot, honestly...but of course NOT ALL that was asked. ...
  9. ThaneWulfgharn

    0.903 BRF Editing

    Hi, recently I've "travelled back in time" and wanted to check one or two possibilities in old 0.903 modding. Lately, I've used various softwares for modding that version, but every change in a BRF resulted in a crash every time the game used to load. I know 0.903 is old, but there are some...
  10. ThaneWulfgharn

    Editing Ambient in Warband

    Is it possible to edit ambient in Warband and create these sort of effects: Dawn/Dusk: Snow Terrain and Grass Terrain on Storm: Default day in Grass/Steppe/Desert terrains:
  11. ThaneWulfgharn

    Old ASoIaF Mod Codes?

    Hi...I'm working with the A Game of Thrones Russian mod(,194575.7590.html) crew and I'm trying to revive codes from the old ASoIaF mod for 0.903,but also add some of mine. You may send to those codes either to the team either to me. These codes...
  12. ThaneWulfgharn

    Unique MP Characters???

    I wanted to know if it is possible to add unique multiplayer characters,i.e. on the troop selection screen,let there be a troop with unique face keys and pre-set equipment that spawns when you choose it and you control that troop,not the player troop anymore? If yes,please help me add it.
  13. ThaneWulfgharn

    Inspirating(By poetry and new Avatar)

                                                                    Tyger Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies, Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the...
  14. ThaneWulfgharn

    AAR Game-Write a Movie

    I thought this a few days ago,doubting if it's a worthy idea to post,so I decided for "yes". Rules: Each movie has some obligatory points to fulfill: -Title -Genre -Main Cast -Plot -Uncast Characters But if you want,you can fulfill: -Soundtrack -Choreography(for Musical) -Episode Titles(for TV...
  15. ThaneWulfgharn

    Helmet Model&Texture Request

    Hi,I was wondering if someone was nice enough to model&texture 2 helmets for me: Greyjoy done thanks to Barf.
  16. ThaneWulfgharn

    Too Many Polys on A Scene

    Hi,every time I try to place a High-Poly Object on a scene the Game Crashes?How to make the game support much more polys on a scene?
  17. ThaneWulfgharn

    Playing as a Lord script(Request Bugfix)

    Hi,I made a "Play as a Lord" Script,but it has some bugs: Works on cases: -I enter a castle,town,battle and such Both correct and bug: -When entering Sir Lancelot's castle(Tevarin Castle) I spawn on the place Sir Lancelot must spawn,and he spawns where the player must spawn. -Correct because...
  18. ThaneWulfgharn

    Limited server list

    As the title says,my game loads only some servers and says there are about 400 more servers to load.How to load them all?
  19. ThaneWulfgharn

    1.153 Shredzorz's Autofire?

    Anyone knows why Shredzorz's Autofire won't work for 1.153:,218883.msg5238035.html#msg5238035 I enter battle but no matter what button I click the gun won't fire at all.
  20. ThaneWulfgharn

    Particle System scripting

    Hi,I was trying this script: but I noticed some issues I need help fixing: 1st: psys_white_orbs_1 spawns in the place where the player is teleported,but on a very narrow area(in 1 single point).How do I largen this area? 2nd:psys_orbing_glow_1 wont burst up in the air and fade like it should...