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  1. __Khanate__

    Need more space to the new sounds

    Hello, O you wise men and women (?) I have this mod, sounds of suffer, thread can be found here:,157494.0.html Right now there are 32 different death sounds but we could make for example to 60 if it is possible. The only problem is that I dont know...
  2. __Khanate__

    Could someone help with script

    Hello, I am making a sound mod named Sound of Suffer.,157494.0.html There are maximum of 32 death sounds and 20 wounding sounds to add. Could someone help me to expand the script, so the total limit to the death sound adding would be for example 50...
  3. __Khanate__

    [B] SOUNDS of SUFFER soundmod-- Update coming soon, modder needed!--

    VERSION 0.8 OUT! SOUNDS OF SUFFER Hello. Made some new death sounds and decided to share them with you guys. I started to mod it to the more metal sound mod, so the filenames are as man_die_blabblabllaa. Inside root sounds folder (not under modules), I found only man_death_blabba blabba...
  4. __Khanate__

    New gametype for multiplayer

    Hi. I came to this idea at multiplayer suggestion- thread but made one of its own to here. I got this idea, game mode would be named as kill the king or something like that. Idea is that someone from the team is king and other ordinary soldiers. Objective is to kill other sides king\leader and...
  5. __Khanate__

    Pictures of Steppe Warriors

    Hello all, Just wanted to share link I found. Tought that it would be interesting to some players, because there are mainly "actual" drawnings from steppe warriors as Huns, Scythians, Parthians, Magyars etc. Some examples: We see woman in this picture. Scythian women were allowed to marry...
  6. __Khanate__

    Hyvästi yksityisyys

    Lukaiseppas huolella läpi:
  7. __Khanate__

    New Clan- The Order Of Honourable Loners!

    Hello. I got this idea and want to put it on action. So there is new clan that is named The Order of Honourable Loners! Why? Get frustrated with the overall anarchy in random team deathmatch where people run mindlessly on their own. I want gather up people who want to find samelike people...
  8. __Khanate__

    [suggestion] Falling from horseback gives damage

    Hello all. Just came this idea that falling from horseback should punishing for your healthbar. Example this situation: A guy rides towards enemy in full speed and footman swings horse dead with his 2-h axe. The rider fly many meters in air, but takes no damage. It would be more realistic...