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  1. Napoleonic Wars v1.1 Public Beta Released!

    Napoleonic Wars v1.1 Public Beta Released! Today due to an imminent release, we have an announcement to make about Napoleonic Wars! As some of you may have noticed, the new Napoleonic Wars patch is currently in Beta and is now available on Steam. The purpose of this beta is to kill any...
  2. Announcement! Napoleonic Wars Upcoming Patch & IndieDB

    Developer Blog 5 - Napoleonic Wars Upcoming Patch & IndieDB Welcome back to our fifth weekly Developer Blog. This week we decided to release it a bit earlier and instead of showing you a Battle Cry of Freedom update, we will show you a small sneak peak of our upcoming...
  3. Napoleonic Wars: Scening Support

    Please post in the below thread if you have any questions regarding the editor. FSE or other members of our community will get back to you as soon as possible.
  4. Suggestions

    Do you have any suggestions or ideas that you might like to see implemented or changed? If so, please post in this thread. NB: There’s now a board dedicated for suggestions on the new FSE forums which you can visit by clicking on here!
  5. M&B: Warband for 5€ on Steam

    I just wanted to let you guys know that Mount & Blade Warband is being sold for 5 Euros on Steam. It's a great opportunity to introduce your friends to this great mod. M&B Warband Steam page
  6. M&M Steam Group

    M&M Official Steam Group
  7. M&M Map List & Discussion

    Introduction Map List [MM Russia3] Conquest Mode An Bush                      Harlaus Farm                                Battle For Asturias Conquest 1                                Redoubt River Crossing Farm1 Villages 1 Village Attack Siegeburger...
  8. Wavre Event - Videos and Screenshots

    Everyone knows what this thread is for  :wink:. Screenshots:
  9. Patching from 5.80 to 5.84

    Well i have been trying to do so for half an hour with every attempt resulting in failure I must be doing something wrong maybe with the Textures or something but when I start the game it's not showing me that it's version 5.84 can anyone help please?