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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Sulcoit (8/12/13)

    Little late, but add Harald Trygvarrson to whichever side needs more men, since I haven't played for a while I can work as the bannerman if one hasn't been appointed yet.
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    Best-dressed Warrior

    Afaik the armour that was dug up from said tombs weighted about 50 kg.
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Eoferwic (21/7/13)

    A little late, but Harald Trygvarrson joins Wardecors de Willelme Malet to put down the Northumbrian rebels and drive off the Sveins hordes
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    I havent touched in ranged weapons for a while, but Michadr instead of editing crossbow you should edit bolts it fires. In module items try changing blue to red. ["bolts","Bolts", [("bolt",0),("flying_missile",ixmesh_flying_ammo),("bolt_bag", ixmesh_carry),("bolt_bag_b"...
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    how do I increase bandit spawns?

    You need Module System or swysdk (somewhat same as MS, but with some changes), to do the changes DaLio posted.
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    Screenshots and Videos!

    Or he could use TWim.
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    The Mead Hall

    I actually tried to sing it (in my mind at least) while playing Daggerfall theme in the background.
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Check: Knock rider off horse. Check: Seafaring. Searching and reading of other threads helps.
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    Samurai Modi

    Voi olla, että joudut odottamaan uutta versiota modista, ottaen huomioon kuinka kauan sitten modia päivitettiin viimeksi ja warband on saanut päivityksiä tiheämpään tahtiin.
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    cRPG mod pelaajat ja kysymykset

    Pelasin, ainakin siihen asti kunnes pelaamiseen käytetty kone sanoi sopimuksen irti tammikuun lopulla.
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    Jääkiekon MM-kisat

    Meitä viedään, 4-1 Venäjälle.
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    Samurai Modi

    Kokeilitko tätä?
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    Samurai Modi

    Warbandille: Shogun (yksin ja moninpeli) ja Samurai: Japan in Flames (moninpeli). Tosin olisit voinut kysyä täältä, uuden topicin aloittamisen sijaan.
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    Jääkiekon MM-kisat

    Omaan jalkaansa.
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    Nations Cup 2012 - Suomen maajoukkue

    Tulta munille! Kun mättää kovaa, niin muusiahan niistäkin tulee.
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Éafanheall

    I might come (depending how long my medical checkup takes though), add Harald Trygvarrson to Óðre, but if the Engle are getting too many men, just put me into Aðrir.
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    Happy New Year!

    0.00 here, happy new year everyone.
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    Shield Wall Event thread

    Can we slowly start planning the next event or are you guys going to release the next patch before any event planning?
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    New Factions?

    Except they would lack maille and metallic helmets, will write more when I have more time.