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  1. font .dds fails to open.

    when i start M&B it says that it cant open  (Mount&Blade\Textures\) oddy the game work fine 3day a go. do i have to reinstall the game ?
  2. new weapon Mauser models 712,Shansei .45 C96

    Mauser models 712 is a fullauto fire mauser that uses 10-20 round (7.63x25mm) mags at 1000rpm note that this gun has a lot of muzzle clime (it invented the Gangbanger style to use it muzzle climb to sweep the area) Shansei .45 C96 uses a 10 round fixed mag
  3. Raiding villages for Prisoners

    you get to take x number of Prisoners based on prisoner mangering skill. more if thay tryed to fight than if thay run.