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  1. Egaldor

    Nal Tar / Torbah tournaments are hardcore

    Everyone mounted and everyone has bow or javelins and shield. First round: 4 teams of eight, proyectiles flying all over the place, allies stuck on the wall and you have lethrarian up your ass. Honestly has anyone ever beaten this tournament? it seems almost impossible for me lol im curious...
  2. Egaldor

    Level milestones

    What is your character level at x day? And what is your xp multiplier? Im asking these things because i always pump up the player and hero xp multiplier from the module.ini and never played at the default x1.5. The way i have it i always end up level 40 by day 500. The reason behind this is i...
  3. Egaldor

    You are a salesman: make me hire the units of your favorite faction

    Bonus points if you manage to sell me fierdsavin
  4. Egaldor

    spear + shield infantry. how to use it?

    In real life spears are supposed to counter cavalry, but in warband, soldiers using spears cant hit a thing and will be useless once engaged in close combat. Im doing it wrong? Any rhodok lovers know how to use spear ranks?
  5. Egaldor

    Talking about inmersion breakers...

    not really important but you should fix this in 3.8 :lol: :lol: :lol: pd: day 750+ ingame, amazing mod
  6. Egaldor

    import items from other mods

    hello, i have a quick question. There is any way to add items and troops from one mod to another? i want to import my custom order from prophecy of pendor to floris mod pack and create my custom troop tree but i cant find the files for the armors and weapons. Adding the troops is easy and making...