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  1. Windle

    King of the Hill — Duels, 2x2, 5x5 competitions

    I had a lot of questions about this tournament till I spoke to Nexoner, so below some clarifications for the 5x5 matches: The event is never-ending. It's a continious battle to become number 1. Every 2 days a match has to be played. The winner plays the team below in the que. Currently only the...
  2. Windle

    Make Warband great again!

    Hey Caps, small update. Was gonna make a server where you could fight along sides with bots (Oliveran's intelligent AI) and have multiple events. It would make a full server around the clock, so for everyone at all time zones to enjoy. In addition I was going to setup a statistical webpage and...
  3. Windle

    Make Warband great again!

    Hey Caps, I'm working on bringing out a kickass and fresh idea for the community. Stick around a little more will ya :)
  4. Windle

    King of the Hill — Duels, 2x2, 5x5 competitions

    That's the answer I was hoping for :) Looking forward to stride with my fellow Thunderbolt Ferrets!
  5. Windle

    King of the Hill — Duels, 2x2, 5x5 competitions

    Volcom: 51181 Nexonner, can we pick our matches? I like that we can build up some tension and hype towards a match we know is not gonna be 1 sided. Maybe have tiers where the king can rise from T3 to T2 for example. Or Gold to Diamond? Your idea could be a kickstart to matchmaking through...
  6. Windle

    ALIMLAR KAPALI! [ATSIZ]Genç Atsızlar

    Teşekkürler baba's
  7. Windle

    [Minor League] Stage 8 — Grand & Small Finals | Fixtures | Deadline is 20.04

    Good finals! Thanks for the match! Amazing tournament Nexoner!
  8. Windle

    Weekend Tutoring | Any Class

    Hey Kern, Love the initiative, it's how I got myself in the competitive scene and got to know the community better. It would be nice if you would make it higher level and continue the past threads instead of offering yourself as a mentor. I recommend a layout change on your first post as well...
  9. Windle

    ALIMLAR KAPALI! [ATSIZ]Genç Atsızlar

    Minor Ligi sırasında takımın mentoru olmaktan gurur duyuyor ~ Baba
  10. Windle

    NC 18 Belgium & The Netherlands?

    Woosh! Succes manne!
  11. Windle

    NC 18 Belgium & The Netherlands?

    Wanneer begint de Nations Cup?
  12. Windle

    Harder bots?

    Here you go:,363466.0.html
  13. Windle

    Warband Transfer Rumours & Clan News

    Just discovered this post. Great initiative :)
  14. Windle

    B Other [WB] Competitive-style combat AI - Playable version (0.2) out!

    Hi Oliveran, When do you think you will be closing out the "Spearmen targetting cavalry" aspect of the version? Looking to utilise this AI in an idea I have pretty soon. Can you give us a status update?
  15. Windle

    Ronin Battle Server

    Gonna try it soon  :twisted:
  16. Windle

    Your favorite faction in Warband?

    Swadia in singleplayer. Nords in Siege mode multiplayer. Vaegirs in Battle mode multiplayer.
  17. Windle

    Im looking for a good native clan

    LL is a clan with a lot of british players, they also played mods before.
  18. Windle

    Weaving demonstration

    Awesome video! You've become the true weave-master after all!
  19. Windle

    TMW Vitus.

    I hope the best to the friends and family. All brothers and sisters will remember you for your amazing talent you had!
  20. Windle

    I was playing and then wow

    Caius is he biggest lynx of them all. Even walls remind him.