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  1. Thanks For the Recent Patches, TW!

    Much appreciated! I'm so excited to see regular development!
  2. Poll: Patch This Week (Nov. 8 - Nov. 14)?

    I was so thankful, relieved and excited to see the patch (i.e. hotfix) this past week on Nov. 3. Will we see another patch this coming week (11/8 - 11/14)?
  3. Roads

    It would be great if Castles and Settlements (a.k.a. Towns) could build roads to increase movement speed in that geographic area. Thanks for your consideration!
  4. Fix Bugs or Develop Content

    If you were the boss at TaleWorlds, would you have them fix the existing bugs first, or add new content? Just curious. Personally, I voted for fixing existing bugs even though I'm very excited for the skill perks to be implemented in the non-beta version of the game.
  5. "Ruler" perk gone in 1.5.4?

    According to, it looks like the "Ruler" perk is gone in 1.5.4. Can anyone confirm please?;skill=steward
  6. Companions' Stats, Max Skill Levels I find it helpful to examine the companions' potential, not just what their stats are at the beginning of the game. For example, which companion has the highest potential Trade skill at level...
  7. Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    We were so lucky to get 2 patches a couple weeks ago (i.e. Oct. 19 and 22). No patch this week. Will we get a patch next week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?
  8. Created Armies Questions

    The problem I'm seeing with the armies I create is that the companions I assign to be under me will routinely disband the tier 5 and 6 troops to hire much lower tier troops. Is this pattern a feature that the developers intended?? Is there any way to direct which soldiers the companions hire...
  9. In Progress Automatically losing troops on reload

    How to Reproduce: March your army into a village being raided. Click "Help <village name>." At the Attack/Send troops/Leave screen right before the battle, save the game. Now load the same game. Voila! You already lost troops without ever having started the battle. Scene Name (if related)...
  10. No Recent Patches

    TW was putting out multiple patches per week recently, but there's been nothing for over a week now. Are they on vacation? Any news on when the next patch will be?
  11. Skill perks

    I've read that most of the skill perks are not yet working. Is it true? Thanks!
  12. "I trust you as a I would a serpent."

    In Warband, when I ask to speak privately with some vassals, I get the response, "Hah! I trust you as a I would a serpent. I think not." (Not my typo.) What personality does that response indicate??  I can't find this response discussed anywhere online. It's not just one single vassal who says...