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  1. 9jakub9

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Cynfar said:
    Awesome. Any idea when the Mod will be released?  :grin:

    Thanks for the support guys!

    I have no idea when this mod will be released, if I give a date I will end up stressing myself and other developers. Stress is the last thing I need in my life right now. :smile:
  2. 9jakub9

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Cynfar said:
    This is still a thing? Sweet :party:

    Do you guys plan to have dinosaurs? Saw one in a Screenshot, but didnt remember you mentioned it any time when you first released the thread.

    Redleg said:
    Dinosaurs?  It would be cool but also anachronistic.  Mammoths and giant bears and such would be cool.

    Well yeah, I do not see a problem with doing what Zarthas said above. It would be just another one of those cool little features that make this mod great and unique. Mammoths and large wild animals are something vital. We will be working on systems such as hunting and wild animal encounters/ambushes in the future. Currently we have our own set agendas for the next few upcoming weeks. Zarthas has specified his so here is mine:

    • Gathering (Mining, Food, Wood, Bone) - This is my top priority right now and what I will finish first.
    • Totem/Birth sign system - This will be something you chose at start. You select a totem so for example, totem of the bear. This will put a wooden bear statue in your inventory which grants you extra bonuses, almost like a book.
    • New map icons - I will be creating map icons for other factions such as the plainsmen (Grass huts etc.)
    • New hairs - I will modify and expand on the current set of hairs that we have, because of the resources available to me I can make some cool variations.

  3. 9jakub9

    SP Fantasy [WB] Rise of the Undead (total conversion mod)

    I really support this mod, it looks amazing and I can't wait to play it... BUT... I really do not want to break the bubble or anything but do I see some copyrighted resources from the game Skyrim on the pictures??  :???: I really hope you have made them and not ripped them from Skyrims because bad stuff will happen, trust me I know, happened to me before.  :sad:
  4. 9jakub9

    SP Fantasy [WB] Gothic - The second war

    Dankmar said:
    Tyden said:
    Hey man, any progress? :grin:

    Sadly not. :smile:
    I work for the warsword team as somewhat of an freelancer, and jeah they are quit close to the next update. Thats why i could not find any time for my own project over the last week.

    But at the end that even has a good thing. I created a new bodymesh for the warsword orcs, wich should be perfect as base for the gothic ones, just needs some changes.. a bit fur here and there.


    You know what Dankmar? This is some sexy stuff you're doing here. Seriously, how the heck do you make such advanced, beautiful models? I can make all kinds of different weapons, shields, helmets but never understood how to make armours, heads, bodies and how to actually UV map that crap. :razz:
  5. 9jakub9

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Alrighty got a big announcement to make for you lot!

    The original author of this mod, Zarthas is back and I would like to announce that me and him have joined our efforts to get this mod redone, repolished and ready to throw out to you guys. So let's welcome Zarthas back to the forums and the team! There are also kind folks like Cap.Nikollas (modeling, scripting) and PrinceOfJudah (historical research) who are offering all kinds of help and support with this mod and those are the types of people we need on the team. If you would like to help us out, you are free to do so, the more the merrier! Thanks and I hope you continue following this mod as you did for all this time!​
  6. 9jakub9

    SP Fantasy [WB] Rise of the Undead (total conversion mod)

    thewanderingknight said:
    I almost forgot this thread xd The troop trees for the "Undead Faction" are basically done ^^

    Any images good sir?
  7. 9jakub9

    Forum help

    Namakan said:
    Go to your profile->Your Posts and then search for it and click it.

    Ah, didn't see it, thanks my friend!
  8. 9jakub9

    Forum help

    Hello guys, this is one of them "probably wrong place to post it but..." threads. I was clueless where else to post this and people in this section are usually pretty helpful. I replied to something in the Modding Q&A however it was some time ago... I was wondering if it is possible to jump...
  9. 9jakub9

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Wendek said:
    Fun fact if you want to include "giants", a recent study (well a new one, from the wiki article it's apparently been known for a while but new fossils were recently discovered) suggested that a giant primate did roam Earth a long time ago : Gigantopithecus . It lived in Asia (which means it likely never encountered any Neanderthal who were only in Europe afaik) but since I'm not sure your mod is based on any precise Earth geography it may not be an issue. Timeline-wise it's thought that it lived for a long time (up to 100 000 years ago) and thus coexisted with several hominid species from H. Erectus to H. Sapiens, making it not completely a "fantasy" thing.

    Apart from that I'm clearly in the "Closer to actual prehistory" camp, there are quite a few fantasy mods already while there's literally none set in prehistoric times.

    That is actually perfect. Yeah this mod is very loosely based around the late neolithic. The fact that the giant apes are Asian fits perfectly with the Asian nomadic tribe that will be replacing the dark knight invasion. Thanks for sharing this.
  10. 9jakub9

    SP Tutorial World Map How to make Campaign Maps

    The tutorial is very helpful actually, I do this a little bit different.
    I reccomend EarthSculptor. It is like paint but for 3D terrain. You can import custom brushes and height maps or what ever else you want.

    So you paint your map and export it as .obj.
    Whack it into Wings3D to scale it to proportion with the Native map (You get an .obj mesh of the Native map by exporting it with Swyter's Cartographer)
    Then you export it as a .obj again, whack it into Cartographer, export as a map text file.
    Finally you throw it into Thorgrim's Map Editor, paint the biomes and move the towns/villages about and finally save it.

    Thats the easiest way for me to make a campaign map.
  11. 9jakub9

    Tutorials on how to mod M & B?

    OppositeofNeutral said:
    Hi I was wondering if there are any basic tutorials for a guy like me with no experience whatsoever in programming or anything related to coding or making a game in the pc  :oops:.

    Oh wow, alrighty I will be nice as usual.
    First of all welcome to the forums! Second of all i recommend you have a look about the forums to see what's where. If you would have done this prior to posting this you would have stumbled upon literally a page filled with about a thousand and one metric **** tonnes of tutorials for people just like you and for modding veterans.

    Here is the link to the tutorial pages:,171.0.html
  12. 9jakub9

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Forgot to mention, the unlockables will of course be unlockable by micro transactions and the giant companions, you will need 100 dino points to actually recruit him.
    (Dino points will be purchasable also by micro transactions at the price of 10 majestic British pounds per coin)
  13. 9jakub9

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Dankmar said:
    Nice work... reminds me a bit of Hyboria from Conan. :grin: Would be intresting to give the mod a slight bit fantasy. Why not play with that lore a bit?

    And for the question with the invasion. I think one of the biggest fears of the time was the hungerdeath... a bit of misfortune could kill hole tribes. So how about hungercorpses? you could use the native undead mesh (the one with flesh xD) and give it a new texture.. Leatherlike skin.. dirty from the months of wandering.. And pitch black holes where the eyes would be. A big horde of canibalistic undeads that inbodyment the biggest fears of the time.

    so big hordes of hunger and frozen corpses.

    Another idea would be ape like orcs. Think about bands of barbaric, nearly naked humanlike beasts... with big and spiky fur. if you use planes that stick out of the body you could create that effect. But i would not make them orclike broad. More like skinny humans.

    And how about on smaler faction that got a bit further in the timeline? With a bit abstract copper age stuff. The argonians from Conan are an good exemple. Maybe a bit more babaric.

    Yeah I had a look at changing the lore, majority of people prefer this to be a realistic setting though, that's also what was planned by the original author and that is also what I would like to keep up. I did have a thought of adding a quest that once completed gives you a giant companion. Wouldn't be a "fantasy" giant but a very very tall man, just like Sultan Kosen, the current world's tallest man.

    About the copper thing, yeah there will be an aspect of unlockable early metallurgy, especially with the crafting system. I've planned this out. :razz:
  14. 9jakub9

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Alright, here's this week's work:

    * Tidied everything up that was preventing me from adding new content, this included finishing what I left that was causing compile errors etc.
    * Added **** tonne of new items
    * Worked on some new shield models
    * Started work on the attack wolf troop (Still slightly "clumsy")
    * Started work on the Plainsmen faction
    * Made all of the non-lore friendly items disappear from shops
    * Started work on an awesome custom campaign map
    * Added back Neanderthals, Monkeys, Gorillas (Obviously called different) and a few other new races into the mod
    * Optimized map Icons so that they have a floor (Helps if village/town is located on elevated terrain)
    * Had a large donner kebab, a 12 inch pizza and chips with cheese

    Some images of the plainsmen faction (Not Final):

    Last Poll Results:
  15. 9jakub9

    SP Fantasy [WB] Gothic - The second war

    Dankmar said:
    First of all, im sorry for the lack of post over the last days. The Warsword team needed a bit more stuff, and at the moment im working mostly on that.
    But im happy that you guys like the idea,  and my work! I will rework the beginnerpost over the next days.. But until then here are at least some wip pictures from some stuff.

    Mercenary Armor. (needs new fur)

    Basic concept of the Paladin Armor Tier2

    Minecrawler Armor. One of the best factionless armors... The Plates are Chitin from an big incect that lives in Caves. Still very mutch at the beginning.

    The World.

    I'm really liking your work so far, can't wait to see even more content!

    Got a suggestion for the world map though. What you could do is create a black image, lay the map of Myrtana over the black and draw around the map edges using white paint brush, then just fill in the space with white using paint bucket. You will have a basic flat heightmap of Myrtana. Next you could use a handy tool called EarthSculptor in order to create a realistic and defined terrain mesh after importing the height map. EarthSculptor allows for noise generation and lets you import your own realistic brushes to create better looking mountains. Then you just simply export the created map as a .OBJ and save it somewhere on the desktop, export the Native Warband map as a .OBJ using Swyter's Cartographer and whack them both into Wings3D just to get the size correct. After that you import your newly created Myrtana map into Swyter's Cartographer, export as a map text file and import into Thorgrim's Map Editor where you can move the towns around and edit biomes. :fruity: :wink:

    Keep us updated!
  16. 9jakub9

    Need help with Vikings mod

    I always wanted a decent mod for Warband which is based around the History channel show Vikings rather than a 100% historical simulator. Viking conquest simply doesn't "do it" for me at this stage, It is fantastic however I expected more from the Brytenwalda team. Mainly it's the map, lack of interesting gameplay elements in the start of the game when playing as the Vikings and the low amount of items that bug me. There is plenty of resources for a Viking mod on the forums and I wish you best of luck. Can't wait to see some progress.
  17. 9jakub9

    i am looking for a coder ( code writer )

    jeff2146 said:
    after installing and giving it the veriables it just keeps on giving error masseges

    Python24 buddy, not 34. Oh and make sure you add the Python24 folder path to your system variables. Works for me on Windows 10 with no problems.
  18. 9jakub9

    SP Dark Ages [WB] Sclavinia

    Awesome to see this still being worked on at full pace. My most anticipated mod so far. :razz: Good luck!

    Polska pany! :wink:
  19. 9jakub9

    SP Fantasy [WB] Rise of the Undead (total conversion mod)

    matmohair1 said:

    Nice to see matmohair being as helpful as always!  :wink:
    Fantastic concept good luck!
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